My Inward Journey

         James Lau <>


    I am a retired person.

    I faced my own death 3 times.

    I had 2 liver cancer operations---One in 1999 and the other in 2000. I was told by a few medical doctors that it was a miracle that I am alive. I am blessed by the Mercy and Grace of God. (see details in "My Testimonies" below)

    Since retiring in 1996, I have been reading Christian books and listening to MP3 audio sermons and sharing articles that I find useful.

    From 2014 onward, I have been listening to YouTube, Google Talks, Ted Talks, University Talks, etc and download what I find useful.


Table of Contents


  1. 1 Corinthians 13 for Today
  2. A Living Reminder on Love
  3. Accepting Disappointment in Love by Fr Ronald Rolheiser
  4. Agape Love
  5. Amazing Love--that Thou my God should die for me!
  6. An Invitation to Love
  7. Angels along my Path: Love that Heals 
  8. As it is in Heaven
  9. Be kind to ourselves and others 
  10. Become Rooted in Love
  11. Believe and Receive the free gift of God's unconditional love
  12. Blessed is the Person
  13. Charity Is A Habit
  14. Comfort Through Personal Helpfulness
  15. David Pawson on God of Love?

  16. Do I Dwell in Love here and now?
  17. Do I know that God loves me?
  18. Do I truly Know that God Loves Me?
  19. Do Small Things with Great Love
  20. Family First by Mother Teresa
  21. For God so loved the world  
  22. Gaining when Giving of Ourselves
  23. God is in love with you---with me
  24. God is Love
  25. God's Love is Unconditional
  26. God loves me unconditionally
  27. God loves us Unconditionally
  28. God loves us as much as He loves His Son
  29. God's Loving Pursuit
  30. God never ceases to love you
  31. Guidance for Practising Divine Love
  32. How do I know that God loves me?
  33. How do we love God whom we cannot see? 
  34. His Brother Also
  35. I Have Loved You
  36. If God so loved us, we ought also to love one another
  37. If we say we love God but hate others, we are liars
  38. It is All about Love by Jean Vanier from YouTube
  39. It sounds rather absurd, doesn't it?
  40. Jesus asked, "Do you Love Me?"
  41. Knowing the Love of God for me 
  42. Learning how to Love one another by St Therese of Lisieux
  43. Learning to Love
  44. Life is all about Loving
  45. Love and 1 Corinthians 13
  46. Love and Faith by John Powell, SJ
  47. Love and Trust by Amy Carmichael
  48. Love as defined by St Paul
  49. Love Believes All Things
  50. Love Beyond Naivetť and Romance
  51. Love can Transform the severely hurt Heart
  52. Love, Faith and Ritual
  53. Love Gives Life Meaning
  54. Love in Action through Prayer
  55. Love in Action through Service
  56. Love is how much we give of ourselves
  57. Love is Infinite
  58. Love is kind
  59. Love is Not Blind but Love is Super Sighted
  60. Love is Patient
  61. Love is shown by Work in Marriage
  62. Love is the Greatest Thing in the World
  63. Love People by Rev Albert Shamon
  64. Love not the World
  65. Love so Amazing, so Divine   
  66. Love Your Enemies
  67. Loving in a Biblical way
  68. Loving the people you are Stuck with
  69. Loving Your Neighbor
  70. Merciful Love by St Therese of Lisieux
  71. Messages on Love in the New Testament
  72. Miracle of Unconditional Love--Leslie Lemke
  73. Mother Teresa on Love begins at Home
  74. Nothing can Ever separate us from His love
  75. On Loving Others
  76. One Lesson in Life to learn thoroughly is Love
  77. Perpetual Love
  78. Pope Francis Post Synod Exhortation on Love in Marriage 31 December 2017
  79. Pope Francis Post Synod Exhortation on Love in the Family 31 December 2017
  80. Pope Francis on The Joy of Love Tour Guide by Dr Julie Hanlon Rubio 29 December 2017
  81. Radical Love---Jesus' Radical Way to Love
  82. Rooted and Grounded in Love by Fr Ronald Rolheiser 3 December 2017
  83. Spending time with our young children is Love
  84. Teachings about Love by Jesus and Muhammad
  85. The Acid Test of True Love
  86. The Beauty of Kindness
  87. The Central Effort of Love Is Communication
  88. The Choice to Love or not to love
  89. The Effect of Want of Love
  90. The Greatest Thing in the World is Love
  91. The Key to Loving
  92. The Lesson of Love
  93. The Lesson of Love by J R Miller
  94. The Little Way By St Therese of Lisieux
  95. The love of God to His people
  96. The Ocean of Divine Love
  97. The Struggle To Love
  98. There is Nothing I can do to Earn more of God's love
  99. We love because God loved us first
  100. What is Not Love
  101. What Love Does
  102. What Love does All the Time
  103. What makes Celibracy a way to love?
  104. You are a Beloved Child of God by Henri Nouwen from YouTube
  105. You did it to Me
  106. Your Turn To Love

Adversity, Suffering, Hurts       

  1. A fine line between hurt and bitterness
  2. A Summary of Reasons for Suffering
  3. Acceptance of Our Thorns
  4. Are we Aware of His presence in our Storms?
  5. Are we responsible for our parents or children sins?
  6. Are we too quick to reassure to avoid someone's pain?
  7. Are you walking in the midst of troubles?
  8. Arming Yourself with the Purpose to Suffer
  9. David Pawson on Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters
  10. Daring to ask Why?
  11. Bear one another's Burdens
  12. Blessed are the Persecuted
  13. Blessings and Curses
  14. Broken
  15. Broken and Blessed?
  16. Broken for Supernatural Service
  17. Burdens by J R Miller 16 November 2017
  18. Can our freedom to choose our attitude be taken away?
  19. Can suffering become a source of new life and new hope?
  20. Can we accept that God will work His miracles at His time?
  21. Carrot Cake and Romans 8:28
  22. Does God make use of our suffering?
  23. Don't be knocked out by adversity or suffering
  24. Christ and Cancer
  25. Doubt Storms
  26. Embrace suffering as a Friend
  27. Enemy Strongholds
  28. Facing Your Giants
  29. Find the Unendurable Endurable
  30. Growing Within Tragedy by Ira Byock
  31. Handling the Inevitable Storms of Life
  32. He who Suffers most has most to Give
  33. His Grace is Sufficient by J R Miller 16 November 2017
  34. How David deals with Depression?
  35. How Do I Help A Person Who Is Hurting?
  36. How do we let Jesus tend to our Hurts?
  37. How Jesus deals with who is responsible for our suffering?
  38. How should we respond to the suffering of others?
  39. How St Paul responded to suffering?
  40. How St Paul Responded to Intense Hardship?
  41. How to Rejoice In Tribulations
  42. I had Breast Cancer---the story of Sue Davis Buchanan
  43. I will never turn away anyone who comes to Me
  44. In Green Pasture by J R Miller 16 November 2017
  45. Intimate Letters on Personal Problems by J R Miller
  46. Is it true that God permits, allows suffering?
  47. Is suffering the necessary way to glory?
  48. Job and the Riddles of Suffering
  49. John MacArthur on Suffering and Pain  
  50. Learn to live through suffering not quickly "get over" it
  51. Living Life by Grace
  52. Longsuffering Love
  53. Make Me A Cake
  54. Managing Pain
  55. Mastering the Blues by J R Miller 16 November 2017
  56. More Than Conquerors
  57. Mother of Charles Wesley---The Calamities of Life
  58. Nothing comes our way without His permission and presence
  59. Nothing Perplexes People of God as much as Suffering
  60. On the Bearing of Our Burden
  61. Our cup of sorrow and our cup of joy
  62. Our Endless Cares are allowed to Lift us--not to Crush us
  63. Our Perplexing Trials
  64. Our Security is in God
  65. Our Storm as His path to Us
  66. Our Suffering is the Way to Our Glory
  67. Pain and Suffering by Amy Carmichael
  68. Redeemed by our Suffering or Imprisoned by our Suffering
  69. Refuge for Cave Dwellers
  70. Scripture on God's Control over Human Suffering
  71. Scripture on God's Purpose in Our Suffering
  72. See Suffering as being Allowed by the Lord
  73. Seeing our suffering in new light
  74. Shut In
  75. Songs in the Night of Pain by J R Miller 16 November 2017
  76. Suffering and pain
  77. Suffering can Lead to Life
  78. Suffering for the Wrong Reasons
  79. Suffering is the Way to Glory Not in the way of Glory
  80. Suffering Turns us To God or Against God
  81. Suffering, Why Me?
  82. Sweet Afflictions!
  83. Take Goliath Down
  84. Taking Pain to the Heart
  85. Test and Trials by Amy Carmichael
  86. The Doctors for Cancer Care
  87. The Fellowship of Suffering
  88. The Fog of the Broken Hearted
  89. The Ministry of Hindrances
  90. The Mystery of Suffering by J R Miller
  91. The Point of Despair
  92. The Privilege of Suffering Wrongfully
  93. The Work of the Plough
  94. The Wounded Heart of a Child
  95. This Too Shall Pass Away
  96. Tribulations Are Treasures
  97. Troubles! Trials! Afflictions!
  98. Turn to God and Let God transform our Hurt into greater good
  99. Turn to God when No One can Help
  100. We Often Meet God Where We Don't Want To Be
  101. We would be Absolutely Insufferable if we Never Suffered
  102.  What are some of the purposes of suffering?
  103. What does it Mean to be Made Whole?
  104. What happens when we find the suffering too heavy?
  105. What is the great end of all afflictions?
  106. When God Delays
  107. When God seems miles away
  108. When our Situation seems impossible
  109. Where is God when I hurt?
  110. Where Is God When It Hurts At Virginia Tech?
  111. Will suffering brings us closer to God or against God?
  112. Wise to rise above our hurt
  113. Why does God allow war?
  114. Why We Are Broken
  115. You Will Not Mind the Roughness



   1. In Acceptance Lies Peace

  2. We Should Accept Others Wherever They Are



  1. A Seventeenth-century Nun's Prayer on Aging
  2. Aging, Alzheimer and Dementia
  3. Aging Matters NPT Reports
  4. Aging with Joy
  5. Beautiful Old Age
  6. Depression
  7. Encouragement for the Aging
  8. Ignoring, Abandoning the Elderly is a Sin, Pope says
  9. Quotations on Aging and Dying
  10. The Problems of Christian Old Age


AIDS and Homosexuality

    1. A note on the teaching of the Catholic Church  concerning Homosexual People

    2. An Argument about Homosexuality

    3. Are homosexuals welcome in the Catholic Church?

    4. Compassion in the time of AIDS
    5. Homosexuality in the eyes of the Catholic Church
    6. LGBT, Christianity and Conversion by Dr Rosaria Butterfield 
    7. Many AIDS patients are rejected by family and friends
    8. What the Catholic Church teaches about homosexual inclination, homosexual acts and persons with homosexual inclinations  


  1. A Word About Temper
  2. Anger
  3. Anger in the 5 Stages of Grief  
  4. Our Longing for God's Justice
  5. Stop being imprisoned by our anger or bitterness
  6. Taming our Hot Temper
  7. Thou Shall Not Kill
  8. Sinful Anger and Righteous Anger
  9. The Anger That Heals
  10. The Lesson of Anger  
  11. Who Is The Only Person In the World Who Can Make You Angry?


Ask, Seek, Knock

  1. Ask, Seek, Knock 
  2. Seeking and Finding
  3. Seek Wise Counsels---Blind Intersections
  4. The Art of Asking---Just Ask Politely 


At Peace, At Rest

  1. In Perfect Peace
  2. In the Everlasting Arms


Audio Sermons Websites

  1. Best Audio Sermons Website by hundreds of Pastors 

  2. by Ed Miller

  3. by David Guzik

  4. by John Piper

  5.  by various Pastors

  6. by Puritan Pastors and Others


Baby, Children and Teenagers

  1. Childhood Attachment and its Effect on Our Adult Life from YouTube
  2. Conception to Birth - visualized by Alexander Tsiaras
  3. How to Teach your Baby to Read
  4. How NOT to Foul Up Parenting
  5. No More Children
  6. Parenting Teenagers
  7. Problems of Young People by J R Miller
  8. The Linguistic Genius of Babies from YouTube
  9. To Praise or Not To Praise


Beloved children of God

  1. A Child of God
  2. Beloved children of God
  3. Chosen
  4. Reclaim our Chosenness
  5. We are God's beloved sons and daughters
  6. Who Am I?
  7. Who We Are



  1. A Variety of Bible Versions
  2. Absolutely Indispensable Principle of Bible Study
  3. Bible Expositions in Audio Form
  4. Bible Films from YouTube
  5. Bible Promises for Supernatural Living by Alice Chapin
  6. Can the Bible be believed today?
  7. Can the Bible be trusted?
  8. David Pawson on How and Why Study the Bible

  9. Daily Bible Reading in the Life of Christ by J R Miller
  10. Don't be Imprisoned with a Distorted view of the Bible
  11. English Translations of the Roman Catholic Bible
  12. Getting the Interpretation Right when Reading the Bible
  13. How Best to Read The Prophets
  14. How Do I Hear The Word?
  15. Interpreting and Applying Proverbs
  16. Is Simon Greenleaf Still Relevant?
  17. Is The Bible Authentic?
  18. Is the Bible Trustworthy?
  19. Listen to God through reading the Bible
  20. Meditate on the Word of God
  21. New Discoveries and New Bible Translations in the 20th Century
  22. On Reading Difficult Passages in Scripture  
  23. Read, Obey and Witness to God's Word
  24. Read the Bible as a single story with a single theme
  25. Reading and Studying of the Holy Scriptures
  26. The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable by F F Bruce
  27. The Right Way to Read the Bible
  28. The Word of God Gives Life
  29. Three New Testament Serendipities by J B Phillips
  30. What about the Dead Sea Scrolls?
  31. Why So Many English Bible Translations?


Biblical Doctrines 

  1. Why there are Differences in Biblical Doctrines
  2. The Doctrine of Revelation of God
  3. The Moral Attributes of God
  4. The Doctrine of Providence
  5. The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity
  6. The Doctrine of Salvation
  7. Salvation is entirely planned by God
  8. The Doctrine of the Incarnation
  9. The Doctrine of God-Man
  10. Reformed view of the Doctrine of the Atonement
  11. The Necessity of the Atonement
  12. Doctrine of Justification by Faith
  13. Repentance is the Gift of Grace
  14. Doctrine of the Rebirth and Regeneration
  15. Doctrine of Regeneration
  16. The Doctrine of the Literal Physical Resurrection

  17. St. Paul's argument on Sanctification in Romans 6 to 8

  18. Sanctification is the work of God and ours
  19. Doctrine of Adoption
  20. The Doctrine of Being Saved Eternally
  21. Doctrine of the Call



Bible Exposition in MP3 Audio Formats

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Leviticus
  4. Numbers
  5. Deuteronomy
  6. Joshua  
  7. Judges  
  8. Ruth  
  9. Samuel 1
  10. Samuel 2  
  11. Kings 1  
  12. Kings 2
  13. Chronicles 1  
  14. Chronicles 2  
  15. Ezra
  16. Nehemiah  
  17. Esther  
  18. Job
  19. Psalms
  20. Proverbs
  21. Ecclesiastes
  22. Song of Songs    ii) Song of Songs by Ed Miller
  23. Isaiah
  24. Jeremiah
  25. Lamentations
  26. Ezekiel
  27. Daniel
  28. Hosea
  29. Joel
  30. Amos
  31. Obadiah
  32. Jonah
  33. Micah
  34. Nahum
  35. Habakkuk
  36. Zephaniah  
  37. Haggai  
  38. Zechariah  
  39. Malachi  
  40. Matthew  
  41. Mark  
  42. Luke  
  43. John  
  44. Acts  
  45. Romans  
  46. Corinthians 1
  47. Corinthians 2  
  48. Galatians  
  49. Ephesians  
  50. Philippians  
  51. Colossians  
  52. Thessalonians 1  
  53. Thessalonians 2  
  54. Timothy 1
  55. Timothy 2  
  56. Titus  
  57. Philemon  
  58. Hebrews  
  59. James  
  60. Peter 1  
  61. Peter 2  
  62. John 1  
  63. John 2  
  64. John 3  
  65. Jude  
  66. Revelation

Bible Exposition in Videos from YouTube

  1. David Pawson on Unlocking the New Testament in 2014
  2. David Pawson on Unlocking the Old Testament in 2014
  3. Unlocking the Bible Series by David Pawson
  4. John MacArthur Exposition on Most of 66 Books of Bible  
  5. The Bible Project on Key Biblical Themes 
  6. The Bible Project with Visual Guides and Illustrations

Bible Exposition in Writing

  1. Devotional Hours with the Bible by J R Miller Vol 1
  2. Devotional Hours with the Bible by J R Miller Vol 2
  3. Devotional Hours with the Bible by J R Miller Vol 3
  4. Devotional Hours with the Bible by J R Miller Vol 4
  5. Devotional Hours with the Bible by J R Miller Vol 5
  6. Devotional Hours with the Bible by J R Miller Vol 6
  7. Devotional Hours with the Bible by J R Miller Vol 7
  8. Devotional Hours with the Bible by J R Miller Vol 8
  9. A Year's Daily Readings by J R Miller
  10. Paul's Message for Today by J R Miller

Biographies from the Bible

  1. Abraham---A Picture of Faith
  2. Isaac----A Picture of Surrender
  3. Jacob---A Picture of God's Sufficiency
  4. Joseph---A Picture of a Mature Christian
  5. Moses
  6. Peter



  1. Beatitudes by Fulton J. Sheen
  2. Beatitudes---Lucky are the Unlucky
  3. Blessed are the Meek
  4. Blessed are the Merciful for they shall obtain Mercy
  5. Blessed are they that Mourn for they shall be Comforted
  6. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after Righteousness
  7. Blessings and Curses
  8. Seeds of Light
  9. We are Blessed---Really?



  1. Books I would recommend to read

  2. Books by J R Miller

  3. Books that are Worth While

  4. Free Books by Puritan Writers


Brain, Delusional Disorder, Mind and Mental Illnesses


  1. Coping and Treating Delusional Disorder
  2. Damaging Effects with Psychiatric Drugs
  3. Bad Side Effects of Antipsychotic Medicines by Witnesses in Delusional Disorder Forum
  4. Get the Facts about Psychotic Drugs for Children and Adults
  5. The Real Motives of Pharmaceutical Industry
  6. The Siren Call of the Drug Industry by Chong Siow Ann 21 November 2017
  7. Be Wary of Vaccines
  8. A Very Unique Situation of Delusional Disorder of the Persecution by Friends Type (DDP)
  9. Articles of Interest, Books, YouTube on Delusional Disorder (DD)
  10. Avoiding the Forbidden Confrontation with Delusional Disorder (DD)
  11. Alzheimer and Dementia from YouTube
  12. Brain Series by Charlie Ross from YouTube
  13. Dementia Care Consultant and Trainer--Teepa Snow
  14. Dan Siegel The Neurological Basis of Behavior,the Mind,the Brain and Human Relationships
  15. Depression
  16. Gaming and Learning are Good for the Brain
  17. I am Grateful for Henry by Xavier Amador
  18. Tragic Coping with Delusional Disorder of the Jealous Type (DDJ)
  19. Witness to Loss and Death at a Glacial Pace
  20. Worthwhile to Listen


Buddhist Articles from YouTube

  1. Love from Buddhist Perspective
  2. Adversity in Buddhism
  3. Buddhism a Religion?
  4. Buddhist Films from YouTube
  5. Family in Buddhism
  6. Fear in Buddhism
  7. Forgiveness in Buddhism from YouTube
  8. Friendship in Buddhism
  9. Happiness--The Pursuit of Happiness by Ajahn Brahm
  10. Life in Buddhism
  11. Mediation in Buddhism
  12. Prayer by Dr.Tan Kheng Khoo
  13. Relationship in Buddhusim from YouTube
  14. Signs of Dying with Suggested Cares


Care and Caregiving

  1. Dementia Care Consultant and Trainer--Teepa Snow
  2. Care
  3. Caring for a Dying Loved One
  4. Caring for my husband made me a better person 
  5. Caring for the Dying Person and Family
  6. Caring well
  7. Constipation there are More than One Way to Cure Constipation
  8. Conversations of a lifetime about End of Life
  9. Family Caregiving Experience at End of Life
  10. Hospice Care from Brattleboro Hospice  from YouTube
  11. Palliative and End of Life Care from YouTube
  12. Please Come Home
  13. Practical Pointers for Caring of the Sick at Home
  14. Quiet Care
  15. Refusing to be Demeaned
  16. Support and Lack of Support for Family Caregivers
  17. The Fiction of Independence
  18. The Psychosocial Aspect of Caregiving
  19. The Quality of Mercy
  20. Tips on How to Care for the Disabled at Home


Catholic-Muslim Forum

 1. Final Declaration of Catholic-Muslim Forum


Character Building

  1. A Life of Character
  2. A Life of Character by J R Miller
  3. A Parable of Christian Growth
  4. At the Full Price
  5. Choosing to Do Hard things
  6. Christian Character by J R Miller
  7. Christ like Living in a Sinful World by J R Miller
  8. Good People are Made not Born
  9. Holiness, Wholeness and Depression
  10. Hypocrisy as defined by Jesus Christ
  11. In Time Of Defeat
  12. Making Life a Little Sweeter Everyday
  13. Slow and Steady Advance is the Best
  14. The Blessing of Hardness
  15. The Building of Character by J R Miller
  16. The Hidden Life by J R Miller
  17. What to Do with Our Unequal Chance



  1. A Christian according to the New Testament Definition
  2. A Christian is one who has God as his Father
  3. A Christian is one who has the Holy Spirit in him
  4. A Christian Life is A Miracle Life
  5. Best Author on Practical Christian Living by J R Miller
  6. Christians are Christ-Bearers like Mary
  7. Christians are to Imitate God
  8. Christian Essentials
  9. Christians must Avoid completely and entirely Evils
  10. Doctrine of Adoption
  11. Doctrine of the Rebirth and Regeneration
  12. Doctrine of Regeneration
  13. How to Live a Beautiful Christian Life
  14. I am a child of God and I am in Christ
  15. J R Miller Audio Gems
  16. J R Miller Best Author on Practical Christian Living
  17. Life's Byways and Waysides by J R Miller
  18. Paul is the Complete Model of the True Christian Life
  19. Paul's Counsel to the Thessalonians
  20. People of God
  21. Practical Lessons from the Life of Joseph by J R Miller

  22. Set our Heart on the New Life
  23. Soul Nourishment First by George Muller
  24. The Beauty of Every Day by J R Miller
  25. The Critical Discovery that Changed Hudson Taylor's  Christian Experience
  26. The Glory of the Commonplace by J R Miller
  27. The World and the Devil are Against Christians
  28. The Yoke and the School
  29. Three Things Every Christian Must Know
  30. True Practicing Christian or the Natural Man
  31. Why I am a Christian is the Cross of Christ

Christian denominations

  1. Are there different Christian denominations in heaven?
  2. Audio Biographies of Spiritual Greats by John Piper
  3. Being Catholic and Inclusive
  4. Beware of the dogs
  5. Beware of Hucksters and Hypocrites in Churches
  6. Brief History of the Catholic Church through the Popes
  7. Critical Turning Points in Church History
  8. Church History in Sermons Form by David Guzik
  9. False Prophets
  10. False Teachers in the Church
  11. I Thirst----for Unity
  12. Jesus Prays for Unity
  13. Keeping the Unity of the Spirit
  14. Recognizing false prophets or false teachings


Christian Small Groups or Neighborhood Groups

  1. Encouraging each other at the end of the Age
  2. Fellowship in a Big Church
  3. Resting and Wrestling for the Cause of Christ---Together
  4. Where Do I Belong?



  1. Abuse of Religious Authority
  2. An open letter for those who don't go to Church
  3. Anger, Bitterness in Church Circles
  4. Old and New Struggles with the Church
  5. Seek Help from the Church---Desperate Days
  6. Silenced by The Church by James Martin, SJ
  7. The Church
  8. The Poor are the center of the Church
  9. What it Means to Unite with the Church by J R Miller 17 November 2017
  10. Which Church shall I Join by J R Miller 17 November 2017


Civilizations and History from YouTube

  1. China in 2025
  2. China 2030--World Bank & China's Report
  3. China 19th and 20th Century
  4. China Dynasties 16 Feb 2017
  5. China Films on The Rise of Great Powers
  6. China for the Sake of the Republic
  7. China Great Masters of the Past
  8. China History
  9. China History Podcast presented by Laszlo Montgomery 26 April 2017

  10. China Lushan Sacred Mountain
  11. China on the Rise of Great Nations English Subtitles
  12. China Revolution of 1911
  13. China Rising
  14. China The Long March
  15. China---Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynastries 4 Feb 2017
  16. China---One Belt One Road Documantary 4 Jan 2017
  17. China---The Maritime Silk Road 4 Jan 2017
  18. China---Belt and Road in Big Data 4 Jan 2017
  19. China---The Art of War 16 Feb 2017
  20. China---The Art of War Translated by A and C Chen
  21. China---The Future of US and China Relations as assessed by Lee Kuan Yew
  22. China---The Long March Documentary 16 March 2017
  23. China---Unit 731 Japan's Biological Force and Nanking Massacre in China
  24. China---When China Rules the World 18 April 2017
  25. China---When the Louvre Meets the Forbidden City
  26. China---Why China cannot Rise Peacefully
  27. China---World Heritage in China 28 April 2017
  28. China's Great Humiliations--The Opium Wars and Wanton Destruction of Yuanwingyuan in 1860 by British and French Troops
  29. China's Megastructures and Bridges
  30. China's Treasures--Palace Museum in Taipei
  31. Chinese Civil War and Japanese Invasion of China
  32. Chinese Civilization
  33. Chinese Classic--All Men Are Brothers
  34. Chinese Classic--Dream of the Red Chamber
  35. Chinese Classic--Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  36. Chinese History and Culture
  37. Chinese Kungfu
  38. Chinese Trade--The Silk Road
  39. A History of Britain BBC
  40. Aztecs Civilization
  41. Cambodia History and Civilization
  42. Engineering an Empire
  43. Empire by Al Jazeera
  44. Egypt Civilizations and History
  45. Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire
  46. Inca Civilization
  47. Indian Civilization and History
  48. Civilizations---Byzantine
  49. Civilizations---Macedonian
  50. Civilisations - Mesopotamia
  51. Maya Civilization
  52. The Great Asian Highway 26 Jan 2017
  53. What the Ancients Knew


Conquest, Fighting & War from YouTube

  1. All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
  2. American Revolution 1775 to 1781
  3. American Civil War  1861 to 1865
  4. American Indian Wars  1840 to 1890
  5. American Hegemony
  6. Afghanistan Wars 1979 - 2014
  7. Arab Israel Conflicts
  8. China 19th and 20th Century
  9. Crusades between 1095 and 1291
  10. History and War 26 Jan 2017
  11. Jerusalem--Fighting for the Holy City
  12. French Revolution followed by Napoleon Bonaparte
  13. Iraq Wars 2003 and 1991
  14. Russian Revolution, Civil War, Lenin, Stalin and other Leaders
  15. Spanish Civil War 1936 to 1939
  16. The Fall and History of Singapore 6 May 2017
  17. The Hundred Years War between England and France
  18. The War of the World 20th Century 3 Feb 2017
  19. Vietnam Wars
  20. WWI 1914 to 1918
  21. WWII German Invasion
  22. WWII Japanese Invasion
  23. WWII Russian Invasion
  24. WWII D-Day 6 June 1944
  25. WWII The Complete Collection
  26. WWII The Complete History
  27. WWII The Last Days of WWII
  28. WWII Truths Lies Myths and Legends 11 March 2017


Covetousness, Greed and Envy

  1. Avarice 
  2. Covetousness and Greed
  3. Envy


Compassion, Comfort

  1. Be compassionate just as your Father is compassionate
  2. Being A Comfort to Others
  3. Comfort, O Comfort My People
  4. Comfort in Christ's Knowledge of Us
  5. Comfort Through Personal Helpfulness
  6. Compassion
  7. Compassion, Courage and Character
  8. Finding God's Comfort
  9. God is Compassionate even to the Unlovely & Unlovable
  10. He who is Kind to the Poor Lends to the Lord
  11. Our God is a Compassionate God
  12. The Beatitude of Sorrow
  13. The Book of Comfort by J R Miller
  14. The Duty of Forgetting Sorrow
  15. The Ministry of Comfort by J R Miller


Contentment and Happiness

  1. Acquiring Contentment
  2. Contentment
  3. Can We Learn to be Contented
  4. Cheerful Counsel for Christians
  5. Happiness from YouTube
  6. Secrets of Contentment
  7. The Duty of Laughter by J R Miller
  8. The Habit of Happiness
  9. The Secrets of Gladness by J R Miller
  10. When The Songs Begin by J R Miller



  1. Conversion is Repentance toward God and Faith toward Christ
  2. Duty to Proclaim Not to Convert  
  3. How St Paul Evangelizes and Converts
  4. No Individual can Convert Anyone---That's God's Job
  5. The Message of Paul's Life by J R Miller
  6. What is Conversion?



  (See the Section on "Gossiping and Criticizing" below)


Devotion, Daily Devotionals

  1. Choice Excerpts by J R Miller

  2. Help for the Day By J R Miller

  3. In Green Pastures by J R Miller

  4. In His Steps by J R Miller

David Pawson Talks from YouTube

  1. David Pawson on A Preachers Legacy

  2. David Pawson on Book of Revelation

  3. David Pawson on Charismatics and Evangelicals

  4. David Pawson on Divine Mercy Conference 2012

  5. David Pawson on Divorce and Remarriage

  6. David Pawson on Free Will

  7. David Pawson on God of Love?

  8. David Pawson on Grace

  9. David Pawson on Heroes of the Faith

  10. David Pawson on How and Why Study the Bible

  11. David Pawson on Is Jesus the Only Way

  12. David Pawson on Israel of the New Testament

  13. David Pawson on Jesus' Return

  14. David Pawson on Lessons of the Holocaust for Jews and Christians

  15. David Pawson on Life After Death

  16. David Pawson on Men for God Series

  17. David Pawson on New Testament Baptism

  18. David Pawson on Once Saved Always Saved?

  19. David Pawson on Paul and his Letters

  20. David Pawson on Potter House Talks (2012)

  21. David Pawson on Prayers

  22. David Pawson on Salvation Series

  23. David Pawson on Teachings on Worship

  24. David Pawson on the Challenge of Islam to Christians

  25. David Pawson on The End Times

  26. David Pawson on The Final Facts

  27. David Pawson on The Five Covenants of God

  28. David Pawson on the Letters of Jesus to His Churches

  29. David Pawson on The Mercy of God

  30. David Pawson on the Normal Christian Birth

  31. David Pawson on the Seven Wonders of Jesus' Story

  32. David Pawson on The True God and The True Gospel

  33. David Pawson on the Uniqueness of Christ

  34. David Pawson on the Uniqueness of Christ in an Age of Pluralism

  35. David Pawson on the Wonders of Jesus' Story

  36. David Pawson on Theology and Scripture

  37. David Pawson on Unlocking the Bible Series

  38. David Pawson on Unlocking the New Testament in 2014
  39. David Pawson on Unlocking the Old Testament in 2014
  40. David Pawson on Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters

  41. David Pawson on Word and Spirit Together

  42. David Pawson on Work


Dead Sea Scrolls

    1. Dead Sea Scrolls from YouTube


Death and Dying   

  1. Aggressive Cure Treatment Or Aggressive Comfort Treatment
  2. 5 Regrets of the Dying
  3. Accepting the Gift of Dependence and the Burden of Care
  4. Advance Directive for Medical Care
  5. Agonizing death, Why?
  6. Agonizing Death of St Therese of Lisieux
  7. Assisted Dying---A matter of Life or Death?
  8. Being One With The Dying
  9. Best to Simply be with the Dying Person
  10. Caregiving in a Wounded Relationship
  11. Choosing to Stop Eating and Drinking at the End of Life (VSED)
  12. Choosing Treatment Options in Dying
  13. Choosing When to Go by Lee Kuan Yew
  14. Conversations of a lifetime about End of Life
  15. Don't leave your loved ones in a Bind 8 October 2017
  16. End of Life 30 Sept 2017
  17. Daily Life and Meaningful Activities at End of Life
  18. Death as gifts to others
  19. Death is a New Beginning
  20. Deciding about a Do-Not-Resuscitate Order
  21. Deciding About Artificial Feedings
  22. Die-loque, Education Needed on Dying Well 30 May 2017
  23. Directing the Final Scene
  24. Do Doctors Die Like the Rest of Us?
  25. Dying Well or Dying Hard
  26. Expressing Ourselves During the Dying Process
  27. Families Cope with the Dying Person as they Usually Do, only More Intensely
  28. Facing unbearable pain and unspeakable losses
  29. Feeding Tube to Artificially Prolonging Life
  30. Finding Dignity Amid Disease and Disintegration
  31. Four Legal Methods of Choosing Death
  32. Giving No Fear--Transforming Poison into Medicine
  33. Growing Within Tragedy
  34. Healing Words
  35. Hospice-Like Care
  36. How Doctors Die by Dr Ken Murray
  37. How Do You Want To Die?
  38. I have been blessed with a second chance on Suzanne Chin
  39. Testimony on Suzanne Chin
  40. It's Not Like the Rest of Us, But it Should Be
  41. Knowing When Death Will Occur
  42. Let My Mother Die by Michael Wolff
  43. Let's Talk About Dying
  44. Letting Go: A Hospice Journey
  45. Letting Go of My Father by Jonathan Rauch
  46. Letting Go and Growing On to Spiritual
  47. Life and Death Decisions--Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  48. Living with Dying
  49. Moving Past Fear Into Tenderness
  50. My Journey on Dying Well by Dr Ira Byock
  51. Needing Reconciliation: I Need to Make Peace With . .
  52. Opting for Death with Dignity
  53. Pain Treatment for Terminal Illness
  54. Palliative Care--A Surprising New Specialty
  55. Parents Dying
  56. People Die as They Live and More So
  57. Please, Mother, Enough
  58. Preparing for Travel or Change
  59. Rage, rage against the (prolonged) Dying of the Light
  60. Reactions to Death
  61. Recognizing the Dying Process
  62. Respecting The Hearing of the Dying

  63. Selfless Compassion, Radical Optimism

  64. Signs of the Death Process

  65. Signs of Dying with Suggested Cares

  66. Sorrow for the Death of Friends
  67. Stages of Dying, Stages of the Caretaker
  68. Suffering and Sadness in Dying Well
  69. Symptoms at the End of Life
  70. Take Care of Your Life, Take Care of the World
  71. The day I wanted my father to die
  72. The Death and Dying Process
  73. The Dying Process of my mother
  74. The Family Vigil
  75. The Final Days of Life
  76. The Five Tasks of Dying
  77. The Importance of Spiritual Influences
  78. The Hardest Decisions and the Greatest Opportunities
  79. The Need Not To Die Alone
  80. The Oral History of Liaw Ching Sing translated into English by the Liaw Family Members 7 July 2017
  81. Voluntary Death by Dehydration Q and A
  82. Want Control at the End of Your Life?
  83. Weighing Potential Benefits Against Risks and Burdens
  84. What Are Doctors For?
  85. What Broke My Father's Heart by Katy Butler
  86. Why I Distill all the 'tricks of the trade' as a Hospice Nurse in Final Journeys
  87. Will this Death be an "Irrational Suicide" or a "Voluntary Death"?
  88. You Don't Have to Die in Pain 


Debate on Intelligent Design

  1. Intelligent Design

  2. Richard Dawkins Vs William Lane Craig Sebate


Delusional Disorder and Mental Illnesses


  1. Coping and Treating Delusional Disorder
  2. I am Grateful for Henry by Xavier Amador


Discipline, Chastisement and Pruning

  1. Discipline bring us to prayer
  2. Freedom Through Discipline
  3. Looking at the Right Side
  4. Nevertheless, Afterward
  5. Self-Discipline and Order
  6. Spiritual Pruning
  7. The Best Fruit is Produced by the Best Pruned Branch
  8. The Fruits of Wisdom
  9. Why does God Chastise?
  10. Why is God doing this to me?


DNA Genome Darwin

  1. DNA Genome Darwin

Do our Best

  1. Changes in Life
  2. Conflicts in Life
  3. Finding the guts to defy the world
  4. I Choose
  5. Managing Oneself by Peter F Drucker
  6. Set Our Minds at Ease
  7. The Making of Character
  8. The Prison of WANT
  9. Things That Endure by J R Miller
  10. While We May



  1. Opposite of Faith is Unbelief not Doubt
  2. Suppressing our Doubts is like Covering an Uncleaned Wound
  3. The Master and the Doubter



  1.     Don't Worship Your Emotions

2.     Irrational Ideas commonly Found in Emotionally Disturb People

3.     Stop When My Feeling Brain Overcame My Thinking Brain

4.     What to do with "unfinished business"?


Encourager and Encouragement

  1. Be of Good Cheer!
  2. Can't we Gladden, Elevate and Lighten Others?
  3. Danger of Discouragement
  4. Duty of Encouragement
  5. Encouraging each other at the end of the Age
  6. God sees us as we are Intended to be
  7. Ministry that Bless
  8. Proverbs on Praising others
  9. Reading Henri Nouwen Enables me Not to Surrender to Self-loathing
  10. The Duty of Encouragement
  11. The Ministry of Comfort
  12. The Ministry of Encouragement
  13. The Ministry of Kindness


Eternal Life and the Kingdom of God

  1. If we believe in Him, the Kingdom of God is His gift to us
  2. Eternal life means a life that can never be taken away from me  
  3. The Certainty of Eternal Life
  4. The Practice of Immortality
  5. The Way to the Kingdom of God
  6. Unless a man be Born Again, he cannot See the Kingdom of God


Eucharist (Holy Communion)

 1. Eucharist or Holy Communion

 2. Our One Great Fidelity---Eucharist



  1. Add Diligently to our Faith---Virtue, Knowledge, Temperance, Patience, Godliness, Kindness and Love
  2. Christians Start with Faith and End with Love
  3. Do you believe that I am the Resurrection and the Life?
  4. Faith
  5. Faith as Adapted from the article by Pastor Steve Carr

  6. Faith gets God's attention
  7. Faith is a Gift of God
  8. Fear that becomes Faith
  9. Feeding of the five thousand
  10. Fidelity: Our Greatest Gift to Others
  11. Frustration to Fortissimo is through Faith
  12. Great Faith in Overcoming Grief by Hudson Taylor
  13. Help will come when needed
  14. How to have our Faith Increased by Hudson Taylor?
  15. If it matters to you, it matters to God
  16. Increasing Faith
  17. Learning to Trust by J R Miller 17 November 2017
  18. Living Victoriously
  19. O Ye of Little Faith
  20. Opposite of Faith is Unbelief not Doubt
  21. Saving Faith
  22. Sustained by the Faithfulness of God
  23. The Difference between Faith and Hope by Martin Luther
  24. The Nature of Faith
  25. The Resurrection is the center of my Faith by Fr James Martin 13 February 2018
  26. The Shepherd Psalm
  27. The Trial and Tests of Faith
  28. Trust
  29. Two-Handed Faith
  30. Sharing in the Precious Faith of the Apostles
  31. What Does it Mean by Faith
  32. What is Faith?
  33. What is Faith by John Powell, SJ
  34. What is Not Faith by John Powell, SJ
  35. Where is your Faith?
  36. Why am I reluctant to let my Heavenly Father comfort me?
  37. Why Are We Saved by Faith?



    1. Christian Motherhood
    2. Does it profit a man to have career success at the sacrifice of his family?
    3. Home-Making by J R Miller
    4. Home Memories by J R Miller
    5. How to Avoid Dissension in the Home
    6. Learn to Let Go
    7. Modern Family By Mother Teresa
    8. No Public Pursuit is more Important than the Family
    9. Not Our Own Children
    10. Our New Edens (the Christians Homes)
    11. Our New Edens by J R Miller
    12. One Feels while the other Thinks in Family Relationship
    13. Proverbs on Children and Family  
    14. Secrets of Happy Home Life
    15. Suffering Love of a Grandmother
    16. Take care of the family first
    17. Teaching Modern Children from Ancient Principles
    18. The Deathblow of an Unborn Child
    19. The Ethics of Home Decoration
    20. The Excellent Woman  
    21. The Home Conversation  
    22. The Home-life
    23. The Oral History of Liaw Ching Sing translated into English by the Liaw Family Members 7 July 2017
    24. The Strength of Quietness 



  1. Called to Act
  2. Do not be Afraid
  3. Don't look ahead in fear but look back in appreciation
  4. Fear
  5. Fear of the Future
  6. I will fear no evil---How?
  7. Immerse in Fear, Fear Takes Over---Slump Guns
  8. Why I Got Sick . . .and Healed


Forgiveness and Repentance

  1. A Person, who Knows he is Forgiven, Forgives
  2. A Repent Soul is aware of his utter Helplessness
  3. As We Forgive Those . . .
  4. Can I Forgive?
  5. Forgive the Grief-Givers
  6. Forgiven but the Consequences of Sins Continued
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Forgiveness and Gratitude
  9. Forgiveness is an Unnatural Act
  10. Forgiving our Enemies brings us Enormous Benefits
  11. Forgiving Ourselves and Others
  12. Freely forgiven, Freely forgive
  13. Full Repentance for All the Right Reasons
  14. Harboring Unforgiveness is like drinking Poison
  15. Harden Not Your Heart
  16. I will remember their sins no more
  17. Repentance  
  18. Repentance is the Gift of Grace
  19. Repentance must come before Salvation
  20. Say you are sorry---How to suss out an Insincere Apology 8 May 2017
  21. The Burden of Shame
  22. The Duty of Forgetting by J R Miller
  23. The Emotional Economics of Forgiveness
  24. Unforgiveness, Bitterness and Resentment
  25. Unforgiveness Breeds Bitterness
  26. Will God Forgive what I'm about to Do?
  27. Will You Forgive Me?
  28. Without Repentance there is No Salvation



  1. A Truly Thoughtful Person

  2.  Advice to Husband and Friends by Job

  3. Building Blocks for Deep Friendship

  4. Building Strong Friendship

  5. On the Choice of Friends

  6. Value of Friendship

Fruitfulness, Achievement, Productivity

  1. Achievement verses Fruitfulness 1 October 2017

  2. Productivity and Fruitfulness


   1. How Gambling Habits Are Formed




1.     A Gentle Heart

2.     The Grace of Thoughtfulness  

3.     Thoughtfulness and Tact


Give and receive 

  1. Don't worry how it's spent, always give homeless a hand 5 June 2017

  2. Generosity 17 October 2017

  3. Give and receive

  4. Giving, Receiving and Accepting

  5. Giving What We Have

  6. Why it is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive


Glory of God

  1. Do all to the glory of God  
  2. Finishing Our Work
  3. How can I bring glory to God?
  4. Is Christ being Glorified in us?
  5. Our Successes are for the Glory of God
  6. Pleasing God or Pleasing Self  
  7. The Glory of God
  8. The Plan of Salvation reveals the Glory of God
  9. To the Glory of God
  10. Ways in which we Glorify Christ
  11. Why I Should Glorify Jesus Christ



  1. Does God Care?
  2. Father's Love Letter
  3. Finding God in Alaska
  4. Finding God in Looking Up
  5. Glorifying Self and Glorifying God by J R Miller 17 November 2017
  6. God gives us a hard Lesson to give us Himself
  7. God who has begun a good work in you will complete it
  8. God will treat us the way we treat others
  9. God with His People by J R Miller 17 November 2017
  10. God's Works and Word
  11. Guarded From Stumbling
  12. How does God Leads Us by J R Miller 17 November 2017
  13. If you want to maintain Fellowship with God, do not sin
  14. Knowing God 
  15. Knowing God or Knowing About God
  16. Knowing that we Know Him 
  17. Magnifying the Incomparability of our God
  18. My history with God by Henri J M Nouwen
  19. One God  
  20. Open Arms
  21. See how Kind and how Severe God is
  22. The Author of Life
  23. The Choice to Love or not to love
  24. The Cumulative Case FOR a Creator
  25. The Doctrine of Providence
  26. The Doctrine of Revelation of God
  27. The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity
  28. The Evidence of DNA Points to a Creator
  29. The Evidence of Modern Physics Points to a Creator
  30. The God of Perfect Timing
  31. The heart of God
  32. The Jealous God
  33. The Miracle of Life on Earth
  34. The Moral Attributes of God
  35. The Mystery of God's Ways 
  36. The Mystery of The Holy Trinity
  37. Understanding Human Nature
  38. We must Start with the Holiness of God 
  39. What does Knowing God Involve?
  40. What God Is Like?
  41. What the Bible teaches about God?
  42. Where Science Meets Faith to Find a Creator
  43. Who Is God For Me?
  44. Why Does No One Ever See God?  


God's Will

  1. God's Will
  2. God's Will is Never to Quit the Painful Field
  3. How God reveals His will
  4. The Only Way to Discover the Will of God
  5. What Duty Comes First by J R Miller 17 November 2017


Gossiping and Criticizing

1.    Getting Help From Criticism

2.    Gossiping, Criticizing, Judging and Reconciliation 

3.    How to Handle Criticism with Class

4.    Proverbs on Criticizing with Care

5.    Proverbs on Gossip

6.    Responding Wisely when Falsely Accused



  1. Be Strengthened by Grace
  2. By His grace we are who God says we are
  3. Grace In Action
  4. Grace of God Brings Blessings
  5. Graceless Words for a Grieving Man
  6. Growing in Grace
  7. Living Life by Grace
  8. Modern Stories of Amazing Grace
  9. People as Means of Grace
  10. Please Come Home
  11. Sufficient Grace
  12. The Eleventh Hour Gift of Grace
  13. The God of Great Grace
  14. The Means of Grace
  15. The Method of Grace  
  16. The Triumph of Grace over Sin
  17. Thread for a Web Begun  



  1. Definitions of Gratitude by Henri J M Nouwen
  2. Gratitude
  3. Looking Ahead In Gratitude
  4. True Gratitude Embraces All of Life


Grief and Grieving

  1. A letter of Consolation
  2. Acceptance in the 5 Stages of Grief
  3. After Bereavement---What?
  4. Anger in the 5 Stages of Grief
  5. Avoiding the Cliches of Grief
  6. Blessings of Bereavement
  7. Care for the Caretaker
  8. Conversations of a Lifetime about End of Life
  9. Coping and Sanctifying Grief
  10. Coping with Grief and Loss 30 November 2017
  11. Coping with Tragedy
  12. Grief Comes in Many Forms
  13. Helping A Grieving Family
  14. Hospice Care from Brattleboro Hospice from YouTube
  15. How to Help Those in Grief
  16. Letting Go: A Hospice Journey
  17. Loving, Grieving, Consoling by John Shea
  18. Mourning Our Losses
  19. My Own Grief by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  20. Palliative and End of Life Care from YouTube  
  21. Reflections on the third anniversary of my son's death by Christine Vernon  
  22. Suggestions for Helping Yourself Through Grief
  23. Supporting A Grieving Person
  24. The Changing Face of Grief
  25. The Five Stages of Grief
  26. The Gift of Grief
  27. The Grieving Process and Bereavement Support
  28. To Parents Who Have Lost Children
  29. Unspeakable Grief
  30. Ways to Help Those Who Are Grieving



  1. A Readerís Guide to Using These Habit Ideas

  2. Are We Responsible for Our Habits?

  3. Garden of the Heart by J R Miller


  1. Activity and Rest in Optimizing the Healing System
  2. An Eight Weeks Program for Optimal Healing Power
  3. By His stripes I am Healed
  4. Cruel to imply insufficient Faith when Healing Fails
  5. Healing
  6. Healing begins when with faith we do something
  7. Healing is God's Benefit
  8. Mind and Spirit in Optimizing the Healing System
  9. Shall we Pray for the Healing of Disease by J R Miller 17 November 2017
  10. The Future of Medicine Talks
  11. The Healing System Right in my own Backyard
  12. The Minister as a Healing Reminder
  13. The Psychology of Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS)
  14. The Treatment of Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS)
  15. Towards a Theory of Healing by Father Ronald Rolheiser



  1. Alzheimer and Dementia from YouTube  
  2. Autism from YouTube
  3. Bad Side Effects of Antipsychotic Medicines by Witnesses in Delusional Disorder Forum
  4. Be Aware of Health Dangers in GMO Foods
  5. Be Wary of Vaccines
  6. Benefits of Vitamin A
  7. Benefits of Vitamin B
  8. Benefits of Vitamin C
  9. Benefits of Vitamin D
  10. Benefits of Vitamin E
  11. Benefits of Vitamin K2
  12. Brain Series by Charlie Ross from YouTube
  13. CDC Whistleblower William W Thompson in 2014
  14. Damaging Effects with Psychiatric Drugs
  15. Dementia Care Consultant and Trainer--Teepa Snow
  16. Depression
  17. Dr Lissa Rankin How to Heal Yourself with the Power of Your Mind
  18. Get the Facts about Psychotic Drugs for Children and Adults
  19. Sensory Integration Disorder
  20. The Health Shows with Doctors
  21. The Real Motives of Pharmaceutical Industry  
  22. Tic Disorders and Tourette Syndrome  
  23. What is Really in Vaccines?


Heaven and Hell

  1. A loving God doesn't torture people in Hell
  2. God honors our choice for Heaven or Hell
  3. Is there Hell?
  4. Jesus preached on being ready for Heaven and staying out of Hell
  5. The Hell There Is
  6. What do we know about Hell?


Holy Spirit

  1. Authority of the Holy Spirit
  2. Baptized with the Holy Spirit by Billy Graham
  3. Do I have the Holy Spirit in me?
  4. Do not Grieve the Holy Spirit of God
  5. Grieve Not the Holy Spirit
  6. Holy Spirit as Comforter, Counselor and Helper
  7. Holy Spirit as Go-Between
  8. Holy Spirit as Our Guide
  9. Holy Spirit Guides us in the Way of Wisdom
  10. Holy Spirit is working everywhere
  11. How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?
  12. How may we know that we have the Holy Spirit?
  13. How to be certain that we are born of the Spirit
  14. How we receive Guidance from the Holy Spirit
  15. Pope Francis says Catholics still need to Enact Teachings of Vatican II
  16. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  17. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit by Martin Luther
  18. The Holy Spirit helps us in our distress
  19. The Prompting of the Holy Spirit
  20. What does the Holy Spirit do?  
  21. What the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit?
  22. Who is the Holy Spirit?
  23. Why people in Samaria and Ephesus received the Holy Spirit only in the second laying of hands?



  1. Unique Resources Compiled by Jenny Wise


  1. Christ Appeared that we might Hope in God
  2. Christ is Hallowed in us when we Hope in Him
  3. Girding the Mind to Guard your Hope
  4. God Has Given Us Good Hope Through Grace 1/2
  5. God Has Given Us Good Hope Through Grace 2/2
  6. Happy in Hope, Patient in Pain, Constant in Prayer
  7. Hope Beyond Answers
  8. Hope by Henri Nouwen
  9. Hope is leaving Unknown future unknown
  10. How Can I Hope?
  11. How can I keep on Hoping
  12. It is a Jungle out there
  13. Life will not be Precious if it lasts forever
  14. Nurturing hope
  15. Offering Hope
  16. Our Hope---Eternal Life
  17. The Fruit of Hope---Endurance
  18. The Power of Hope
  19. They Chose the Torture Because of the Hope


Humility and Pride 

  1. Blessed are the Meek
  2. Dying to Self is A Living Sacrifice
  3. Harden not the Heart with Pride
  4. Humility, Ego, and Greatness
  5. Learn from Me for I am Gentle and Humble in Heart
  6. Learn of Him, Learn His Meekness
  7. Meekness is Learned not Inherited
  8. Pride
  9. Pride and Humility  
  10. Pride is a Malignant Poison in Ministry by Martin Luther
  11. Proverbs on Humility and Pride
  12. Proverbs on Learning from Advice of Employees
  13. The First of the Seven Deadly Sins is Pride


Inspirational Poems by Shirley Lau 


  Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord 6R


  1. Lord of the Dance
  3. Godís Grandeur
  4. Godís Creative Splendour
  5. The Human Spirit
  6. Look to Jesus
  7. LOVE
  8. God's Compassionate Concern for Man
  9. Seeking Your Loving Presence, Lord
  10. Just to take one step towards You, Lord
  11. Look Up
  12. Loving Trust
  13. The Wonder of Being
  14. Prayer
  15. Say a Prayer to God
  16. The Cross
  17. His Cup of Sorrow
  18. Amazing Grace
  19. Victory over Sin and Death
  20. Our Compassionate God
  21. Sing under the shadow of His Wings
  22. The Great I AM
  23. GOD
  24. The Kingdom of GOD is LOVE
  25. The Lordís Covenant of Love
  26. God's Power of Love
  27. God's Love
  28. The Rock of Love
  29. Come Just As You Are
  30. Who can love me as much as You do, Lord? 
  31. Exalt the Name of Jesus
  32. Praises to the Lord
  33. Rejoice in the Lord always
  34. We Are The Beloved Children Of God
  35. The Rock 
  36. Living water
  37. The world is too much with us
  38. Oh, What is the Answer?
  39. Bless the Crippled, Lord
  40. A hardening of heart
  41. Harden Not Our Heart
  42. Joy in the Lord always
  43. Vitality of Worship 
  44. Worship Our Lord God
  45. In The Wilderness
  46. Vanity of Vanities
  47. Life without or with GOD
  48. Paradoxes
  49. Reclaiming our Humanity
  50. Dying into Life
  51. Re-Awakening
  52. GRACE 
  53. His loving grace
  54. To Our dear Shepherd
  55. God of the Mountain and Valley
  56. His Light
  57.  Walk as Children of THE LIGHT
  58. In Spiritual Conflict
  59. We call Him, 'Lord, Lord'
  60. Our Lord Asks: Do you really love Me?
  61. Listen to our Heart
  62. Who would revile the Saviour?
  63. Walking Closer To God
  64. Faith of a mustard seed
  65. Walk in Faith, Not by Sight
  66. Build your faith wisely
  67. Be Still 
  68. The fear of the LORD
  69. Weíll never walk alone
  70. Obedience to God's Will
  71. 'Come to Me' says the Lord
  72. Go To Jesus
  73. Christianity
  74. Be Calm, My Soul
  75. Godly Peace
  76. Bearing Fruit
  77. Bearing Spiritual Fruit
  78. Humility 
  79. Sanctify us, O Lord
  80. Thy care preserves our spirit
  81. The Power of the Resurrected Lord
  82. Have You Met This Loving Friend?
  83. Count Our Blessings
  84. God's Unfailing Love
  85. The Vitality of Life
  86. In the Shadow of the Valley of Death
  87. God, Our Refuge and Strength Forever
  88. In the Storm
  89. Be Not Afraid
  90. Without You, Lord
  91. Salvation
  92. Follow Our Great Shepherd
  93. Living Presence
  94. Happiness
  95. JOY
  96. What Joy is
  97. To Sail Towards Joy
  98. Come Apart With Me
  99. Seek His face
  100. The Name of Jesus Christ
  101. Celebrate Jesus
  102. Be Gentle and Humble
  103. Call His Heavenly Father "Daddy"
  104. Calling God 'Daddy'
  105. In Silence
  106. Be My Witness
  107. Praise the Risen Lord 
  108. If I could always see the Lord 
  109. Reverence for THE LORD
  110. The Refiner
  111. Brokenness
  113. Finding God
  114. Seek and You will Find
  115. Holy Spirit at Your Feet we fall
  116. Holy Spirit lay Your Hands on me
  117. Come, Holy Spirit, Come!
  118. Sing Praises to the Holy Spirit
  119. Thank You Lord
  120. Praise the Lord
  121. A prayer of praise
  122. Who else but CHRIST, THE LORD
  123. Lessons from the Blessed Motherís heart.
  124. Wisdom
  125. Worldly Wisdom
  126. Pride is a Robber
  127. Wisdom Is Precious
  128. When the Enemy of the Soul Attacks!
  129. A Man After God's Heart
  130. Broken to Bless Others
  131. Compassionate Love
  132. God's Thoughts are higher than ours
  133. The Christian Life
  134. Sheep Vs Man 
  135. Stand Firm In The Lord
  136. Worship our Lord God
  137. Ask For God's Grace
  138. Going God's Way
  139. God, our Refuge and Strength Forever
  140. Come, Lord Jesus, Come
  141. Lord, Raise Me Up
  142. Love One Another as I have Loved You 
  143. His Unfailing Love
  144. Do You Really Love Me
  145. Christ is the Sure-Foundation of our Faith
  146. Christ is Love, Peace, Joy
  147. Claim Christ as our Saviour
  148. God's Presence in Need
  149. Our Faithful God
  150. Abide in Christ
  151. Just a closer walk with CHRIST 
  152. All Sufficient Christ
  153. Do You Know Jesus?
  154. Hope   
  155. Hope floats
  156. Our Immutable God 



  1. Minding The 'Rests'
  2. See Interruptions as God's works for us
  3. The Interruptions are my work
  4. What is Consecration?  
  5. When One Service is Interrupted by J R Miller 17 November 2017


Islamic Articles 

  1. Love in Islam
  2. Developing Your Children by Dr. Hesham al Awadi
  3. Family Comes First by Nouman Ali Khan
  4. Films about Islam from YouTube
  5. Forgiveness in Islam from YouTube
  6. Marriage Counselling for Muslim Families
  7. Women Inspired by the Beloved by Dr Hesham Al-Awadi
  8. Youth Problems in Muslim Families


Jesus Christ

  1. Watch the Film on Jesus Christ in Your Own Language
  2. 365 Messianic Prophecies
  3. A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ---How?
  4. Are the Claims of Jesus True?
  5. Bethlehem to Olivet by J R Miller
  6. Central Vision of Jesus as seen by John Powell
  7. Christ Died for the Ungodly
  8. Christ Formed In You by Ed Miller
  9. David Pawson on Is Jesus the Only Way

  10. David Pawson on the Uniqueness of Christ

  11. David Pawson on the Uniqueness of Christ in an Age of Pluralism

  12. David Pawson on the Wonders of Jesus' Story

  13. Did Jesus and Jesus alone match the identity of the Messiah?
  14. Friendship With Christ
  15. Getting Christ's Touch
  16. How can one come to Feel the Personal Presence of Christ by J R Miller 17 November 2017
  17. If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink
  18. Is Jesus Christ a madman or a great moral teacher or God?
  19. Jesus' Ascension Challenges Christians to make Him Visible
  20. Jesus came to Help us to Overcome our Fear of God
  21. Jesus' Testimony concerning Himself
  22. Jesus---Events in His Life
  23. Jesus---His Miracles
  24. Jesus---His Parables
  25. Jesus---Listening to Him
  26. Jesus---The Compassionate God
  27. Jesus---The Hidden God
  28. Jesus---The Loving God
  29. Knowing Christ Personally and Know His Love
  30. Old Testament Prophesies about Jesus Christ and His Fulfillment
  31. Rediscovering the Historical Jesus
  32. Seeking to Comprehend the Love of Christ
  33. Should People be Free to Pick and Choose what to Believe about Jesus?
  34. That Christ may Dwell in Our Hearts by Faith
  35. The Difference Jesus Makes
  36. The Doctrine of God-Man
  37. The Doctrine of the Incarnation
  38. The Friendship of Jesus by J R Miller
  39. The Life of Jesus by J R Miller
  40. The Manliness of Jesus  
  41. The Silent Christ  
  42. The story about Jesus sounds rather absurd, doesn't it?
  43. The Unrecognized Christ  
  44. What the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ?


Jesus and Muhammad

  1. Teachings about Love by Jesus and Muhammad
  2. Healings and Miracles by Jesus and Muhammad
  3. Jesus and Muhammad Attitudes toward Women
  4. Jesus and Muhammad Messages to the World
  5. Jesus and Muhammad Methods of Spreading their Messages


John MacArthur Talks from YouTube

  1. John MacArthur Exposition on Most of 66 Books of Bible 

  2. John MacArthur on the Gospel of Mark 

  3. John MacArthur on the Book of Ephesians 

  4. John MacArthur on the Epistle of James  

  5. John MacArthur on the Epistle of Jude  

  6. John MacArthur on Armor of God 

  7. John MacArthur on Bible Questions and Answers  

  8. John MacArthur on Does God Promise Health and Wealth  

  9. John MacArthur on Family  

  10. John MacArthur on Happiness in Beatitudes 

  11. John MacArthur on Homosexuality and Immorality  

  12. John MacArthur on Isaiah 53  

  13. John MacArthur on Jesus I AM  

  14. John MacArthur on Love  

  15. John MacArthur on Marriage and Divorce  

  16. John MacArthur on Parenting  

  17. John MacArthur on Singleness  

  18. John MacArthur on Suffering and Pain  

  19. John MacArthur on The Bible  

  20. John MacArthur on The Most Famous Bible chapter on Love--1 Corinthians 13  

  21. John MacArthur on The Only Road To Heaven 

  22. John MacArthur on the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ  

  23. John MacArthur on Who Is Jesus  


Joy and Rejoice

  1. A Joy that is Above Circumstances and Accident
  2. An Invitation to Joy
  3. Choosing Joy
  4. Joy and Sorrow
  5. Joy and Satisfaction by Amy Carmichael
  6. Joy by Henri J M Nouwen
  7. Learn to practise Joy always
  8. Looking Up to Jesus and Forward to Joy
  9. Mother Teresa on Joy
  10. Recovering the Joy of Living
  11. Rejoice and be Glad in the Day
  12. Rejoice and be Glad in Today
  13. Rejoice in the Lord Always, Again I say Rejoice
  14. Taking Cheerful Views
  15. Talks on Happiness from YouTube
  16. TED Talks about Happiness
  17. The Duty of Laughter  
  18. The Joy of His Salvation
  19. The Joy of the Lord  
  20. The Thanksgiving Habit  
  21. The Thanksgiving Lesson  
  22. The Secrets of Gladness by J R Miller
  23. Things to Live For by J R Miller


Judging and Testing

  1. Always Test the spirit whether they are of God
  2. Hearing and Doing
  3. Judge not that you be not Judged
  4. Judging Others


Justification and Sanctification

  1. Audio Sermons on Justification, Sanctification and Glorification
  2. Christ in us in our Sanctification
  3. Doctrine of Justification by Faith
  4. For their Sakes I Sanctify Myself  
  5. God Justifies the Ungodly
  6. It Is God That Justifies
  7. It is Finished
  8. Receive Him Once but Affirm Him in Thousands of Ways
  9. Salvation through Justification by Faith
  10. Sanctification is the work of God and ours  
  11. St. Paul's argument on Sanctification in Romans 6 to 8
  12. The Truth about God in our Sanctification


Leaders Good and Bad

  1. Abraham Lincoln  8 March 2017

  2. Aung San and Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar 20 March 2017

  3. Benjamin Franklin 8 March 2017

  4. David Marshall, Lim Chin Siong and Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore 17 March 2017

  5. Deng Xiaoping 18 March 2017

  6. Franklin D Roosevelt 8 March 2017

  7. General Emilio Aguinaldo Presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte of Philippine 20 March 2017

  8. Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire 8 March 2017

  9. George Washington First US President 8 March 2017

  10. Ho Chi Minh and General Vo Ngugen Giap of Vietnam 16 March 2017

  11. Joseph Stalin 15 March 2017

  12. King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Thaksin Shinawatra of Tailand 19 March 2017

  13. Mao Tse-Tung Selected Works of Mao Tse-Tung 16 March 2017

  14. Napoleon Bonaparte 15 March 2017

  15. Pol Pot, Hun Sen and Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia 19 March 2017

  16. President Sukarno and President of Indonesia 19 March 2017

  17. Sun Yat Sen, Chiang Kai Shek and Mao Zedong 17 March 2017

  18. Thomas Jefferson Third US President 8 March 2017

  19. Tunku Abdul Rahman and Dr Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia 18 March 2017

  20. Vang Pao of Laos 20 March 2017

  21. Winston Churchill 8 March 2017

  22. Xi Jinping 17 March 2017


  1. Happy are you if you have a Servant's Heart
  2. How Jesus shaped and trained Peter to be the Leader
  3. How Lee Kuan Yew Thinks
  4. Time honored qualities of Good Leadership
  5. Simon Sinek Leaders Start with Why 11 October 2017



Learning How to Learn and Memory

 1.Learning how to Learn and memory


Life and Living

  1. A Child, A Ventilator and A Choice
  2. A Life for a Life
  3. A Step at a Time by J R Miller
  4. Clinging to Self
  5. Eleanor's Sign by John Powell
  6. Faith, Unanswered Prayer and God's Will
  7. Finding and Losing Life by John Shea
  8. Forgiveness Minimizes the Regrets
  9. From Restlessness to Peace
  10. Giving ourselves in life and death
  11. Glimpses at Life's Windows  
  12. Kindness That Comes Too Late  
  13. Learning Our Lessons
  14. Lent Breathes Life into World Choked by Sin 5 June 2017
  15. Life of Elisabeth Elliot
  16. Life Out of Death
  17. Life will not be precious if it lasts forever
  18. Living Victoriously by J R Miller
  19. Make Magic from Mistakes
  20. Making The Most of Life by J R Miller
  21. Moving From Doubt To Faith
  22. On Life and Living
  23. Our Live Are Shaped . . . by John Powell
  24. Our Obsession to Possess could all be Meaningless
  25. Pictures in the Heart

  26. Practicing What We Preach

  27. Reinvesting in Life

  28. The Art of Living with People by J R Miller

  29. The Best Things In Life by J R Miller

  30. The Eagle's Egg by John Powell
  31. The Every Day of Life by J R Miller
  32. The Fear of God's Rejection Too
  33. The Greatest Gift God has granted us is Free Will
  34. The Mysterious Power of Hope
  35. The Purpose of Life
  36. The School of Life
  37. The Shining Life by J R Miller
  38. The Two Pigeons by John Powell
  39. The Wider Life  
  40. The Wider Life by J R Miller
  41. There Are No Accidents in Life
  42. To One who is Depressed by J R Miller 30 November 2017
  43. What are Our Real Aims in Life?
  44. When Feelings Undermine Faith
  45. Wholesome or Unwholesome Living
  46. Victorious Living by J R Miller 17 November 2017



  1. Alone, Yet Not Alone


Marriage and Divorce

  1. A Statement on Divorce and Remarriage by Bethlehem Baptist Church
  2. Biblical Understanding of the Oneness in Marriage
  3. Building the kind of marriage that God wants us to enjoy
  4. Christian Basis for Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
  5. Christ's Teaching on Divorce
  6. David Pawson on Divorce and Remarriage

  7. Divorce and Remarriage: A Position Paper by Pastor John Piper
  8. Forging a Solid Marriage takes Commitment
  9. How Pride Destroys Marriages
  10. In Marriage Love is proved by Works
  11. Living with Your Non-Christian Spouse
  12. Loving Responsibility of Husband and Wife  
  13. Marriage and Divorce
  14. Married by God's Design by Doug Comin 
  15. Married Commitment---Life Time? How?
  16. Pope Francis Post Synod Exhortation on Love in Marriage 31 December 2017
  17. Selfishness and Pride are the root of our marital problems
  18. The Key to a Lasting Marriage is Commitment
  19. The Marriage Altar and After  
  20. The Sustaining Power of Ritual
  21. The Wedded Life  
  22. To Understand and to be Understood  
  23. Tough Promises Kept
  24. Understanding Marriage from Ephesians 5 by David Guzik
  25. What is keeping you from forgiving your spouse?
  26. What God has Joined Together, Let Not Man Separate Part 1
  27. What God has Joined Together, Let Not Man Separate Part 2
  28. What God has Joined Together, No Man Must Put Asunder by Father Robert Pecotte
  29. What Makes a Marriage Works?
  30. You Marry a Sinner, a Man, a Husband and a Person


Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ

  1. Blessed Virgin Mary---Vatican II
  2. Magnificat of Mary
  3. Mother Teresa on Blessed are you among Women
  4. Mother Teresa on Mary in their Life
  5. Mother Teresa on Our Lady


  1. Evening Thoughts by J R Miller


Machiavelli, Power and Politics

  1. The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene 19 Feb 2017

  2. The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene (Text) 19 Feb 2017

  3. The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene 17 Feb 2017

  4. The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers (text) 18 Feb 2017

  5. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli 17 Feb 2017


Money, Investment and Economy

  1. 1987 Stock Market Crash
  2. 1997 Asian Financial Crisis
  3. 2000 Bubbles
  4. 2008 Sub-prime Financial Crisis
  5. 30 Big Ideas from Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman  
  6. Alibaba Billionaire Jack Ma  
  7. All About Money
  8. All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
  9. Audio Books on Growing Rich
  10. Beating the Investment Pros at their Game 22 August 2017
  11. Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing  
  12. Book Value  
  13. Buying Berkshires Shares by Warren Buffett  
  14. Buying Good Businesses at Bargain Prices  
  15. Buying Shares---Basic Principles to Remember  
  16. Buying Shares---My Summary in 2014 Brief Version
  17. Buying Shares---My Summary in 2014 Full Version
  18. Buying Shares---My Summary in 1996 and later
  19. Buying Shares---My 2016 Summary from Charlie Munger
  20. Buying Shares---My Views for 2016  
  21. Buying Shares of DBS, OCBC & UOB Banks in 2016
  22. Benjamin Graham on the Investor and Market Fluctuations--Chapter 8 
  23. Benjamin Graham on Margin of Safety--Chapter 20  
  24. Charlie Munger and the Prescription for a Life of Misery
  25. Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett on Banking
  26. Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett on Margin of Safety  
  27. Charlie Munger at the 2001 Wesco Annual Meeting
  28. Charlie Munger at the 2002 Wesco Annual Meeting
  29. Charlie Munger at the 2003 Wesco Annual Meeting
  30. Charlie Munger at the 2010 Wesco Annual Meeting  
  31. Charlie Munger at the 2011 Pasadena Convention Center
  32. Charlie Munger 2015 Daily Journal Annual Meeting  
  33. Charlie Munger Book (Work in Progress)
  34. Charlie Munger Breakfast Talk at the Philanthropic Round Table Talk
  35. Charlie Munger Daily Journal 2015 Meeting
  36. Charlie Munger from YouTube
  37. Charlie Munger Holds Court
  38. Charlie Munger Lollapalooza Effect and this Credit Fiasco
  39. Charlie Munger on Berkshire Math  
  40. Charlie Munger on Book Recommendations  
  41. Charlie Munger on Checklist Investing
  42. Charlie Munger on his Investment Evaluation Process  
  43. Charlie Munger on Invert, always Invert
  44. Charlie Munger on Investment Practice of leading Charitable Foundations
  45. Charlie Munger on Moats
  46. Charlie Munger on Poor Charlie's Alamack
  47. Charlie Munger on Practical Thought about Practical Thought?  
  48. Charlie Munger on Sacrificing to Restore Market Confidence
  49. Charlie Munger on Sit on your Ass Investing
  50. Charlie Munger on the Art of Stock Picking  
  51. Charlie Munger on the Conventional Wisdom on Foundation Investing  
  52. Charlie Munger on the Great Financial Scandal of 2003
  53. Charlie Munger on the Eight Variables in the Graham Value Investing System 
  54. Charlie Munger on the Need for Multidisciplinary Skills from Professionals  
  55. Charlie Munger on the Principles of the Graham Value Investing System 
  56. Charlie Munger on the Psychology of Human Misjudgment
  57. Charlie Munger on the Strengths and Faults of Academic Economic  
  58. Charlie Munger on Worldly Wisdom Revisited December 29,1997  
  59. Charlie Munger Quotes
  60. Charlie Munger Resource Page  
  61. Charlie Munger Sites
  62. Charlie Munger The Best of Charlie Munger 1994 to 2011  
  63. Charlie Munger The Best of Charlie Munger  
  64. Charlie Munger Thoughts on the Past and Future of Berkshire Hathaway 
  65. Charlie Munger Videos  
  66. Charlie Munger's Worldly Wisdom  
  67. Charlie Munger's Quotes = Mungerisms
  68. Why did these MBAs Guys Makes all of these Bad Loan?
  69. Comparing Salaries by John Shea
  70. Compound Interest
  71. Daniel Kahneman Nobel Laureate
  72. Davos 2016---World Economic Forum  
  73. Distinguishing the Signal from the Noise in Investing  
  74. Excessive Debt Creates Modern Wage Slaves
  75. Excel Basic Tutorials
  76. Financial Accounting Tutorial
  78. How the Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio  
  79. Increasing Your Financial IQ by Robert Kiyosaki
  80. Intelligent Investing with Steve Forbes
  81. Intrinsic Value versus Price by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd  
  82. Investment Tutorials by Tim Bennett of MoneyWeek
  83. Investment Talks at Google  
  84. John Bogle Founder of the Vanguard Group 26 Jan 2017
  85. Made in Israel Series
  86. Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman  
  87. Milton Freidman--Free to Choose
  88. Modern Slavery is Blindly Chasing after Money
  89. Money Worries
  90. Money as Debt
  91. Mr Market Pays Fair Prices Over The Long Run  
  92. Our Struggle with Riches by Father Ronald Rolheiser 15 October 2017
  93. Passive Investing 26 Jan 2017
  94. Plan and Precommit to a Strategy of Investing  
  95. Power of Compounding  
  96. Recession and Market Crashes 
  97. The Art of Becoming Rich by Li Ka-shing
  98. The Art of Value Investing by Whitney Tilson  
  99. The Best of Value Investing
  100. The carpe diem Principle of Stock Market Investing 2 October 2017 
  101. The Dark Side of Money
  102. The Investors Podcast  
  103. The Light Side of Money
  104. The Money Trap
  105. The Money Trap of Credit Cards and Toxic Mortgages
  106. The Most Important Thing Is. .Combating Negative Influences   
  107. The Most Important Thing Is. .Pulling It All Together  
  108. The Most Important Thing Is. .The Relationship Between Price and Value
  109. The Return Portion of the Return on Equity Ratio  
  110. Using Unrighteous Mammon for the Kingdom
  111. Value Investing by Buffett Books
  112. Value Investing Conference 
  113. Berkshire Hathaway and Annual General Meeting 2016  
  114. Warren Buffett and his Animation on Secret Millionaires Club
  115. Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements by Mary Buffett and David Clark
  116. Warren Buffett---Buffettology by Mary Buffett and David Clark
  117. Warren Buffett Calculates the Present Market Price to Buy
  118. Warren Buffett--How He Does It by James Pardor
  119. Warren Buffett I Haven't Seen as Much Economic Fear in My Adult Lifetime
  120. Warren Buffett in Omaha for Berkshires Annual Meeting 2016  
  121. Warren Buffett---Invest like him by Preston Pysh
  122. Warren Buffett Lecture at the University of Florida School of Business
  123. Warren Buffett Lecture to Notre Dame Faculty Students in Spring 1991
  124. Warren Buffett's Management Secrets by Mary Buffett and David Clark
  125. Warren Buffett on Aesop and Inefficient Bush Theory  
  126. Warren Buffett on Ben Graham as the Greatest Teacher in the History of Finance
  127. Warren Buffett on Berkshire Past, Present and Future
  128. Warren Buffett on Debt or Leverage  
  129. Warren Buffett on Economic Goodwill and Accounting Goodwill
  130. Warren Buffett on Home Ownership: Practice and Policy  
  131. Warren Buffett on Intelligent Investing  
  132. Warren Buffett on Intrinsic Value, Book Value and Market Price  
  133. Warren Buffett on Intrinsic Value of a Company  
  134. Warren Buffett on Look-Through Earnibgs  
  135. Warren Buffett on Mr Market  
  136. Warren Buffett on Reputation  
  137. Warren Buffett on Shares Repurchases
  138. Warren Buffett on the Stock Market Nov 22,1999
  139. Warren Buffett on the Stock Market Dec 10,2001
  140. Warren Buffett on Value Investing:A Redundancy  
  141. Warren Buffett Recommends Common Stocks and Uncommon Profit by Philip Fisher
  142. Warren Buffett Resource Page  
  143. Warren Buffett Resource
  144. Warren Buffett Session with Harvard Business School Students
  145. Warren Buffett Speaks about Investing by Janet Lowe
  146. Warren Buffett Speech to University of Georgia Students 2001  
  147. Warren Buffett---Tap Dancing to Work
  148. Warren Buffett---The Inside Story of Warren Buffett  
  149. Warren Buffett---The Bill and Warren Show July 1998  
  150. Warren Buffett the Greatest Investor in the World
  151.  Warren Buffett The Making of an American Capitalist
  152. Warren Buffett---The New Buffettology by Mary Buffett and David Clark
  153. Warren Buffett---The Snowball  
  154. Warren Buffett The World Greatest Investor
  155. Warren Buffett Videos  
  156. Warren Buffett Disciple Mohnish Pabrai Shares His Investment Secrets
  157. Mohnish Pabrai on How to Compound at 26%?
  158. What To Do With Our Money by J R Miller
  159. What we can Learn from Phil Fisher Oct 1987  
  160. Why we do not charge Money for Audio and Video Online 
  161. Your Biggest Advantage Over the Pro in Investing  


Mother Teresa

  1. Mother Teresa---A Crisis of Faith or A Crisis of the Imagination?
  2. Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith--TIMES Magazine
  3. My Life with Mother Teresa by James Martin, SJ
  4. A Conversation with Mother Teresa
  5. A Gift for God
  6. Family First
  7. Love until it Hurts
  8. Modern Family
  9. Mother Teresa in Life is Life: Save It
  10. Mother Teresa in the Scandal of India
  11. Mother Teresa's Loving Hands in the Home for the Dying
  12. Mother Teresa on Abortion
  13. Mother Teresa on an Acceptable Sacrifice
  14. Mother Teresa on Be a Cause of Joy to One Another
  15. Mother Teresa on Blessed are you among Women
  16. Mother Teresa on Blessed are you who are Poor
  17. Mother Teresa on Christ in the Poor
  18. Mother Teresa on Christianity and other religions
  19. Mother Teresa on Christianity is Giving
  20. Mother Teresa on Come, Let us Bow Down
  21. Mother Teresa on Confession
  22. Mother Teresa on Daily Reading
  23. Mother Teresa on Day by Day
  24. Mother Teresa on Faith in Action is Love
  25. Mother Teresa on Forgiveness and Confession
  26. Mother Teresa on God Is Love
  27. Mother Teresa on Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
  28. Mother Teresa on I chose you
  29. Mother Teresa on Jesus Christ
  30. Mother Teresa on Jesus is their Model
  31. Mother Teresa on Joy
  32. Mother Teresa on Learning to Forgive
  33. Mother Teresa on Let the Children come to Me
  34. Mother Teresa on Love
  35. Mother Teresa on Love and Jesus Christ
  36. Mother Teresa on Love and Joy
  37. Mother Teresa on Love begins at Home
  38. Mother Teresa---Love Begins at Home
  39. Mother Teresa on Love of God
  40. Mother Teresa on Love one another as I have loved you
  41. Mother Teresa on Loving Jesus
  42. Mother Teresa on Make me an Instrument of Your Peace
  43. Mother Teresa on daily schedule of Missionaries of Charity
  44. Mother Teresa on Obedience and Surrender
  45. Mother Teresa on Obedience and Total Surrender
  46. Mother Teresa on Our Call
  47. Mother Teresa on Our Father
  48. Mother Teresa on Our Life of Prayer and Contemplation
  49. Mother Teresa on Our Life of Service and Evangelization
  50. Mother Teresa on Our Response
  51. Mother Teresa on Our Way of Life
  52. Mother Teresa on Prayer
  53. Mother Teresa on Shine through me
  54. Mother Teresa on Suffering and Death
  55. Mother Teresa on The Blessings of Love
  56. Mother Teresa on The Poor
  57. Mother Teresa on The Simple Path
  58. Mother Teresa on This is the Lamb of God
  59. Mother Teresa on What Prevents me from Loving
  60. Mother Teresa on Work and Service
  61. Mother Teresa on You did it for Me
  62. Mother Teresa Speaks
  63. Mother Teresa's Way of Love
  64. Stories of Mother Teresa
  65. The Wisdom of Mother Teresa


My Testimonies

  1. My 5th and 6th Liver Cancer Occurrences 25 May 2017 to 27 January 2018
  2. My 5th and 6th Liver Cancer Occurrences with Appendixes 31 January 2018
  3. My Recent Medical Crisis
  4. I Faced My Own Death 3 Times---About My Inward Journey
  5. Start of my spiritual journey--42 days hospital stay
  6. 1st Liver Cancer Operation Experience
  7. 2nd Liver Cancer operation Experience
  8.  Don't be knocked out by adversity or suffering
  9. Philosophy of my life
  10. My 5th and 6th Liver Cancer Occurrences with Appendixes


Near Death Experience (NDE)

 1. Leaving the World Behind


Other Testimonies

  1. Caring for and touched by a suffering baby
  2. My son has 8 Surgeries from birth to 3 years old
  3. I Wasn't Ready to be a Grandma
  4. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
  5. Christ in us through Small Group
  6. Fellowship in a Big Church
  7. If Our Hearts could be Touched
  8. In Quietness and Trust is Our Strength
  9. It is my joy, O Lord to do Your Will
  10. God was Calling me to Something More in Life
  11. Here I am Lord . . I am Yours
  12. Why me Lord?
  13. You did not Choose Me, but I Chose You
  14. As a Missionary in Spain I suffer from a brain tumour
  15. Only when I focus on Him can He accomplish His work through me
  16. Asking God Hard Questions after my father's suicide
  17. The Heavenly Man's Incredible Video Testimony
  18. DIS-allow the DIS to be stuck to your Courage
  19. Rest in God instead of resting in Ministry
  20. A Skeptic Found Jesus  
  21. Coincidences or God-incidences by Philip Yancey
  22. Conversion and the Gospel of Peace by Dr. Rosaria Butterfield  


  1. Osteoporosis from YouTube

Old Man and New Man

  1. How to Put Off the Old Man
  2. How to Put On the New Man   
  3. Putting off the Old Man and Putting on the New Man!
  4. Stop Lying
  5. The New Leaf shall Live
  6. The New Life in Christ  
  7. The Outer and Inner Man  


Parable of the Prodigal Son

  1. The Prodigal Son
  2. The Elder Son
  3. The Father of the Prodigal Son


Physics in its Wonder and Beauty

  1. Walter Lewin's Lectures on Classical Mechanics 

  2. Walter Lewin's Lectures on Electricity and Magnetism  

  3. Walter Lewin's Lectures on Vibrations and Waves 

  4. Walter Lewin's Miscellaneous Lectures 

Pilgrim's Progress in Modern English

 1. The Pilgrims meet Talkative

 2. Hopeful Tells of His Conversion

 3. The Pilgrims Deal with Ignorance

  4. Christina and Mercy Meet the Interpreter

 5. Great Heart and the Hill of Difficulty


Power and Strength

  1. Creative Power

  2. Power of the Powerless

  3. Strength

  4. Strength and Beauty by J R Miller

  5. Those who wait on the Lord will find new strength


  1. A.S.A.P
  2. 8 A of Prayer
  3. Adoration Prayer
  4. Change Unceasing Thoughts to Unceasing Prayer
  5. Constantly Pray Over the Work
  6. David Pawson on Prayers

  7. Does Prayer Change God?
  8. Does Prayer Matters?
  9. Family Prayers for Thirteen Weeks by J R Miller
  10. How To View Spiritual Dryness
  11. Intercessory Prayer
  12. Jesus Christ's Own Prayer
  13. Jesus Christ Prays for His Followers
  14. Jesusí prayer
  15. Petitionary Prayer
  16. Pray Always
  17. Prayer
  18. Prayer and Physical Healing
  19. Prayer as Sanity and Balance
  20. Prayers are pictures on Our Inner Walls
  21. Prayer by Mother Teresa
  22. Prayers from the Genesee
  23. Prayer Grammar: Learning to Pray More Humanly
  24. Prayer in the Christian Life
  25. Prayer of the Forsaken
  26. Prayer of the Heart
  27. Prayer That Works Sometimes
  28. Praying for Deliverance from Slander Psalm 7
  29. Praying for Others including our Enemies
  30. Praying the Cursing Psalm 137
  31. Praying the Ordinary
  32. Simple Prayer
  33. Sustaining a Prayer Life
  34. The Golden Gate of Prayer by J R Miller
  35. The Lord's Prayer by Mother Teresa
  36. The Lord's Prayer by Pastor Norman Wong
  37. The Refuge in Sorrow
  38. Turn Our Heart to the Presence of Jesus Christ
  39. Unanswered Prayer: Living with the Mystery
  40. Using Psalms to help us to Pray
  41. Waiting For God's Answer
  42. What is Prayer? by Henri Nouwen
  43. When You Pray
  44. With thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God
  45. Why Pray?
  46. Why Pray by Philip Yancey


Predestination, Providence, Chance

  1. A Case for Predestination
  2. "Chance,""Luck" or "Accidence"
  3. Election
  4. God's Providential Reign
  5. Practical Predestination
  6. Purpose and Providence
  7. The Deity of CHANCE
  8. The Providence of God
  9. Who Chose Who?




  (See the Section on "Humility and Pride" above)


Proclaiming the Gospel

  1. Are we shaped to serve God?
  2. Christianity & Other Religions by Mother Teresa, Henri J M Nouwen and Jean Vanier
  3. Conversion of the Robber on the Cross
  4. Cruel Evangelical Ministry
  5. Don't turn our work for God into a work for Self
  6. Do we Understand that we Represent Jesus to others?
  7. Exercising Spiritual Judgment and Discrimination when Proclaiming the Word
  8. Finding The Way by J R Miller
  9. Getting the Approach to Proclaiming the Gospel Right
  10. Going through Fire to serve God
  11. How do I know that I am called?
  12. How St Paul Evangelizes and Converts
  13. Inviting the Stranger---I believe
  14. Is Jesus Christ the only way to God?
  15. Jesus Never Manipulates to Win Soul
  16. Knowing Thy Enemy's Tactics of Deception, Obfuscation, Intimidation and Censorship
  17. Let Them Be
  18. Mission---Go and Tell
  19. Our Attitude when Evangelizing
  20. Our Evangelism is Doomed without God's Grace
  21. Proclaiming the Gospel to All People
  22. Proclaim the Gospel with our Whole Life
  23. Sanctification is absolutely Essential to True Evangelism
  24. Seek Wise Counsel
  25. Should People be Free to Pick and Choose what to Believe about Jesus?
  26. The Devotional Life of the Sunday School Teacher by J R Miller
  27. The Evangelical Message
  28. The Greatest of all Invitations---to Receive Christ
  29. The Preparation of the Preacher
  30. To be a Witness is to live the life of Sacrificial Love
  31. To Prospective Missionaries
  32. Wayside Ministries  
  33. We are made for a Mission
  34. Well. . .Almost
  35. Why Evangelize?
  36. Will we serve even when we don't understand
  37. Wise and Unwise Testimony for Christ by J R Miller 17 November 2017



  1. A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23
  2. Psalm 23:1,4,5 by Derek Prince
  3. Psalms---Spirituality in Every Key
  4. Praying for Deliverance from Slander Psalm 7
  5. Praying the Cursing Psalm 137
  6. Unto The Hills by J R Miller Psalm 121
  7. Using Psalms to help us to Pray



  1. Absolutely No excuse to pass Insensitive Remarks
  2. Blaming in any Relationship
  3. Common Blocks to Communication
  4. Conflict in Life
  5. Courageous Enough to Share Our Personal Vulnerability with Others
  6. Entering into the Lives of Others by J R Miller 17 November 2017
  7. Of Winners and Losers 5 June 2017
  8. Honest and Genuine Relationships
  9. Misunderstood
  10. Mutual Forbearance or Patient Endurance
  11. Overcoming Hypersensitivity
  12. Patience as a Virtue
  13. Relate to People as Person
  14. Tame Your Tongue
  15. The Lesson of Relationships  
  16. We are not alone---How so?
  17. We have no right to Hate ourselves



  1. Is This Your Religion?

  2. Major Convergence Points Within the Great Religions

  3. Practical Religion by J R Miller

  4. Religion and History 26 Jan 2017

  5. The Religion of Joy

  6. Weekday Religion by J R Miller


Resurrection of Jesus Christ

  1. Did Jesus Christ appear bodily after death?
  2. Did Jesus Christ rise from the dead?
  3. Evidence FOR the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  4. No Resurrection, No Christianity
  5. The Doctrine of the Literal Physical Resurrection
  6. The Empty Tomb of Jesus
  7. The Evidence for the Resurrection 
  8. Was Jesus' resurrection a hoax and His death a sham? 
  9. Was Jesus seen alive after His death on the Cross?  
  10. What are the Circumstantial Evidence FOR the Resurrection? 
  11. What Happened to the Twelve Disciples after the Resurrection of Jesus?


Salvation and Good Works

  1. Audio Sermons on Justification, Sanctification and Glorification
  2. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after Righteousness 
  3. Bringing Heaven to Earth
  4. Can Faith Alone lead to Salvation?
  5. Come and See
  6. David Pawson on Once Saved Always Saved?

  7. How Can Sinful Man Be Redeemed?
  8. I Never Knew You
  9. Keeping our loved ones connected to the Body of Christ
  10. Salvation and I will Judge every one according to his ways
  11. Stunned by His Grace
  12. The Key to Freedom is Jesus Christ
  13. The Way to the Kingdom of God
  14. Three Types of Assurances of Salvation
  15. Today you will be with me in paradise
  16. Touching Our Loved Ones Inside the Body of Christ
  17. We are Saved by the Grace of God Alone
  18. What the Bible Teaches about Salvation?
  19. "Whoever" Policy of God


Self-Worth, Self-control 

  1. Confronting the Need to Feel Worthy

  2. The Beauty of Self-control

Sermon on the Mount

  1. A Devotional Study of the Beatitudes by J R Miller

  2. Sermon on the Mount by David Servant

  3. Sermon on the Mount by Ed Miller

  4. Sermon on the Mount by Ethan Burmeister

  5. Sermon on the Mount--Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller

  6. Sermon on the Mount by the Living Faith Christian Church

  7. The Beatitude by Charles Spurgeon

  8. The Beatitude by Grace Church St Louis

Sermons from YouTube

  1. Andrew Murray

  2. Southeast Christian Church Sermons 21 October 2017

  3. Southland Christian Church Sermons by Jon Weece 22 October 2017


  1. At the Proper Time we will Reap
  2. Broken for Supernatural Service
  3. Comfort Through Personal Helpfulness
  4. Counsel and Help by J R Miller
  5. Helpful People
  6. Helping by Not Hindering
  7. Losing SELF in Christ
  8. Mistaken Ministering
  9. Service to Our Family and Others
  10. Some Guidelines For Service
  11. Sour Service is No Service
  12. The Basis of Helpfulness
  13. The Joy of Service by J R Miller
  14. The Lesson of Service
  15. The Sacredness of Opportunity
  16. Want to Help, Shut up and Listen from YouTube
  17. We are born to live for others
  18. You did it to Me



  1. A Time to Learn how to Wait
  2. Celibacy and Chastity
  3. God's Rules on Sex will Liberate us
  4. Sex and the Singles


Songs, Music from YouTube

  1. Amadeus Mozart
  2. Elvis Presley Gospel Albums
  3. Elvis Presley Individual Gospel Songs
  4. Elvis Presley in Concerts
  5. Carrol Roberson Popular Music Videos  


Spiritual life

  1. All These Other Things
  2. Beginning of a Spiritual Life
  3. Disciplined Living
  4. Henri Nouwen's Spiritual Journey to L'Arche
  5. His Kingdom First
  6. Living a Spiritual Life
  7. Living in the Present
  8. Living in the world without being of the world
  9. Making All Things New
  10. Our Aims in Life
  11. Psalms---Spirituality in Every Key
  12. Silent Times by J R Miller
  13. Solitude
  14. Staying Awake in Everyday Life by John Shea
  15. The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola
  16. The Upper Current by J R Miller
  17. Ways to Improve our Spiritual Life
  18. What Does It Mean to Be Holy



  1. Our Misconceptions about Suicide
  2. Our Misunderstanding about Suicide
  3. The Cross as Revealing Christ's Descent into Hell
  4. The Cross as Revealing God's Unconditional Love
  5. The Descent Into Hell
  6. The Most Misunderstood of All Deaths---Suicide
  7. The Pain of the Ones Left Behind by Suicide
  8. The Power of Kindness
  9. The Struggle To Understand Suicide
  10. Too Bruised to be Touched  
  11. Understanding Suicide
  12. When Someone is too Bruised to be Touched by Suicide


Surrender and Submission

  1. Obedience that Pleases Christ
  2. Mother Teresa on Obedience and Surrender
  3. Submission is Willingness to be Done Unto
  4. Surrender to Know God or Know God to Surrender
  5. What Does It Mean to Submit?
  6. What is Surrender to the Lord?



Temptation and Sin

  1. Amusement
  2. Guard our heart for it is the wellspring of life
  3. How to Meet Temptation
  4. If you play with sweet and smooth talk, you will be stung
  5. Maturing through Temptation
  6. Seven Deadly Sins
  7. Temptation and their Remedies
  8. The Real Tragedy of Sin by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser 22 January 2018



The Second Mile

  1. Radical Love---Jesus' Radical Way to Love  
  2. The Cloak and The Second Mile


Tithing and Fasting  

1.       Fasting and Tithing

2.       How Pastors Get Rich

3.       Prosperity Preaching: Deceitful and Deadly

4.       Tithing is Not a Christian Doctrine

5. The Origin and Definition of Tithing

6. The Tithing Debate

7. Ways of Distinguishing Healthy and Unhealthy Cult Movements


Vatican II Documents

  1. Pope Francis says Catholics still need to Enact Teachings of Vatican II
  2. Relation of the Catholic Church to Non-Christian Religions---Vatican II
  3. Mission Activity of the Church---Vatican II
  4. Apostolate of the Laity---Vatican II
  5. Decree on Ecumenism---Vatican II
  6. On Divine Revelation---Vatican II
  7. Dogmatic Constitution of the Church---Vatican II
  8. Declaration on Religious Freedom---Vatican II
  9. Blessed Virgin Mary---Vatican II



  1. Do Nothing Rashly
  2. Five Characteristics of Word
  3. Healing Words
  4. Helpful and Encouraging Words
  5. How to Communicate with Others
  6. Hurtful and Harmful Words
  7. Magnifying the Word of our God
  8. Reflective Listening
  9. Refuge From The Hurt Of Tongues
  10. Speak It Out
  11. Speak Tenderly
  12. Tame Your Tongue
  13. The Power in your Words
  14. The Word that was Not Said  
  15. Uplifting and Inspiring Words from
  16. Words
  17. Words can Heal and Words can Harm
  18. Words that Wound



  1. A Commitment to Excellence
  2. Abusive Bosses---Raging Sauls
  3. Becoming More Human Every Day
  4. Career Choices for Students
  5. Created for a Life of Good Works
  6. Constantly Pray the Work
  7. David Pawson on Work

  8. Doing God's Work
  9. Don't allow Worry sour our attitude towards Work
  10. Eight Lessons on Negotiations
  11. How to be an Employee by Peter F Drucker
  12. Let us not become tired of doing good
  13. Managing Oneself by Peter F Drucker
  14. Managing Your Boss
  15. Never Quit Without A Job
  16. The Blessing of Work
  17. Treasures on Earth or Treasures in Heaven 
  18. Turning Drudgery into Fulfilling Work
  19. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart
  20. Work
  21. Work like a horse or work like a steward
  22. You Are the Only You God Made



  1. Crowding Out the Best
  2. Cure for Worry
  3. Don't Worry
  4. Go Forward
  5. Living Without Worry by J R Miller
  6. Reasons for Not Worrying
  7. The Causes and Cure of Worry
  8. The Cure for Weariness  
  9. The Hallowing of Our Burden  
  10. Worrying
  11. Worry about Nothing, Pray about Everything



  1. David Pawson on Teachings on Worship

  2. Feeding of the four thousand
  3. Our Attitude in the Presence of God
  4. We become like who we worship or what we worship
  5. Worship as defined by Stormie Omartian


Spiritual Greats---Their Biographies

  1. Adoniram Judson    How Few There Are Who Die So Hard!
  2. Andrew Fuller         Holy Faith, Worthy Gospel, World Vision
  3. Athanasius               Always Singing One NoteóA Vernacular Bible
  4. Bill Piper                 Evangelist Bill Piper: Fundamentalist Full of Grace and Joy
  5. C S Lewis                   Lessons from an Inconsolable Soul
  6. Charles Simeon       Brothers, We Must Not Mind a Little Suffering
  7. Charles Spurgeon    Charles Spurgeon: Preaching Through Adversity
  8. David Brainerd        Oh, That I May Never Loiter On My Heavenly Journey!
  9. George Muller         George Mueller's Strategy for Showing God
  10. George Whitefield   "I Will Not Be a Velvet-Mouthed Preacher!Ē
  11. J. Gresham Machen  J. Gresham Machen's Response to Modernism
  12. John Bunyan             To Live Upon God that Is Invisible
  13. John Calvin               The Divine Majesty of the Word
  14. John G Paton         You Will Be Eaten by Cannibals! Lessons from the Life of John G. Paton
  15. John Newton             The Tough Roots of His Habitual Tenderness
  16. John Owen                  The Chief Design of My Life: Mortification and Universal Holiness
  17. Jonathan Edwards     The Pastor as Theologian
  18. Martin Lloyd-Jones   A Passion for Christ-Exalting Power
  19. Martin Luther            Martin Luther: Lessons from His Life and Labor
  20. St Augustine              The Swan Is Not Silent
  21. William Cowper         Insanity and Spiritual Songs in the Soul of a Saint
  22. William Tyndale         Always Singing One NoteóA Vernacular Bible
  23. William Wilberforce   Peculiar Doctrines, Public Morals, and the Political Welfare


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