Oh, What is the Answer?
Do we glorify GOD or self?
Do we abide by HIS will,
Or do we make our own decision?
Do we obey HIS commandments,
Or do we follow our own lax laws?
Does GOD have first place?
Is that what we prefer?
Oh, What is the answer!
GOD created us out of LOVE
Do we really love HIM?
Should we then place our-self above?
JESUS died to atone for our sins,
Do we really appreciate HIS gift of Salvation,
By not continuing to sin? 
Godís LOVE is without condition
Justice is tempered with Mercy;
Without HIS endless forgiveness
Can we face HIS righteous WRATH and eternal damnation?
Oh what is the answer!
Do we obey HIS instruction?
To love God with all our heart
And love our neighbour as ourself?
Or do we pay lip-service to HIS teaching,
And bear false witness against our neighbour?
Oh what is the answer!
Is GOD merely a Santa Claus,
Do we merely seek HIM for material goodies?
Have we not read the Scriptures?
Where JESUS said: ďMan does not live by bread alone
But by every word that comes from the mouth of GOD!Ē
Is this worldly life all in all
To our impoverished soul?
Forgetting that we are on a pilgrimage,
From this transcient world to the eternal!
Oh, What then is our answer!
Does our LORDís Resurrection mean nothing 
Blinded by the limitations of our self-love!
Oh, donít forget Sodom and Gomorrah!
Remember Noahís Ark, at the time,
The world was inundated with water!
Isnít GODís LOVE the only effective answer
For all the maladies that plague earthly life!
The same diseases, the same catastrophes,
Are present today as before;
GOD is still the same infallible righteous, HOLY GOD!
Man displays the same human weaknesses!
Can we still fail to grasp the answer!
HE still heals the sick and forgives sins,
HE still opens eyes with moral discernment,
He still searches for those deaf to HIS WORD!
HE, alone, can help us face the giants in our lives wisely
HE is the GOD, WHO waits patiently;
Oh, let our answer be YES, LORD,
We want to be with YOU, eternally!