A Man After GODís Heart
King David had a deep reverence,
A heartfelt passion for his GOD;
He felt keenly the anguish and pain
The remorse of sinning against HIM!
Humbly, he would acknowledge
His vulnerability to temptations of the flesh,
And accept any of GODís righteous punishment;
ĎIt is only against YOU, O LORD GOD that I have sinned!í
It was David who prophesied
The Coming of CHRIST, our Saviour,
Six hundred years before HIS incarnation;
He described HIS cruel death of slow asphyxiation
On the CROSS of Calvary,
At a time when no one had ever seen a Roman Cross; 
David had trusted HIS Redeemer even then to atone for his sins!
So ĎI shall not want!í 
He believed in the self-sufficiency of CHRISTíS Grace,
To deliver him from all evil!
At the time of persecution from King Saul,
David completely trusted his powerful LORD GOD 
To rescue him and provide for him!
And while hiding in the caves,
A spiderís web drawn across the entrance
Became the wall of his fortress!
Divine Providence sustained him
Throughout the years of his hiding;
And Almighty GOD sent him an army of relatives, friends, sympathizers,
All seeking to help and fight for him,
Davidís faith and trust in his GOD was fruitful,
He discovered just how GREAT his GOD is! 
David showed mercy to his evil persecutor, King Saul,
Twice he had the chance to kill the sleeping Saul in a cave, but David moved away!
Though later David made it known to King Saul
That he had Saulís spear!
David had chosen not to harm King Saul!  
King David loved to dance and rejoice 
Singing praises to HIS LORD!
His Psalms revealed his intimate knowledge and closeness to GOD;
GOD was with him to strengthen him, to bless him, to provide for him;
GOD was with him to defend and shield him,
Most of all, God forgave his sins as he was penitent!  
In his faith, his humility, his deep love and trust in GOD,
In his sincere sorrow for grieving GOD,
In having a loving, forgiving heart, 
In his rejoicing in the LORDís goodness, 
In his praises and heartfelt worship,
The humble King David acknowledged that he was nothing.
His GOD is Everything to him!
King David is clearly a Man after GODís heart!