A prayer of praise
A prayer of praise from the heart,
Holding God in reverential awe,
Aware that God invites this intimacy
Brings multifold blessings from HIS MAJESTY!
A prayer that reveres Godís HOLINESS
A humble submission to Godís commandments,
A prayer of love for our fellow-men,
Brings mercy and goodness without end!
A prayer confessing our human weakness
Brings Godís forgiveness;
For with His precious blood our Redeemer has washed away our sins 
Freeing us of guilt in His magnanimity, 
God will remember no more our iniquity!
A prayer for Almighty Godís help 
When it is in accordance with HIS will,
Brings wisdom, strength and peace 
That surpasses understanding!
Prayer, together with the Holy Spirit
Is LOVE in action!
The eternal God is LOVE, unconditional LOVE,
Whoever has love in his heart,
Has the everlasting GOD in him!
Pray child-like, from the heart,
Simple, sincere, heartfelt;
And the compassionate GOD who listens,
Will answer our prayer,
In HIS way, in HIS time!