Abide in CHRIST
Our soul is restless,
Until it abides in YOU, O LORD!
Our heart is empty,
Until it is filled with YOUR Divine Love!
Our happiness is incomplete,
Until we can commune with YOU, LORD!
O LORD GOD, how can we ever thank you adequately,
For all YOU have done for us!
Have we not been lonely,
Until we met YOU, O LORD? 
Have we not been troubled, 
Until we found safety and comfort,
Under YOUR wings of love!
Have we not heard your gentle       re-assurance,
‘Do not be afraid, I am with you always!
Everything is under MY sovereign charge!’
Have we not felt YOUR Divine Presence
In times of need?
Have YOU not refreshed us by leading us to green pastures
And still waters,
And blessed us with healing!
Have YOU not sent your angels ahead to protect us from danger?
Have YOU not been our counselor and guide,
Steering our feet away from snares and pitfalls,
And steadied us as we journeyed through life!
Abide in CHRIST,
Walk closely to HIM,
For HE is our Salvation!
We are more than conquerors through HIM
Who loves us and gives HIS life for us!
Only through HIM, we can victoriously 
Reach our heavenly destination!