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                Aging, Alzheimer and Dementia



1.      The Curse of a Long Life  52 min


2.      Generation Ageless: Longevity and the Boomers


3.      The Aging Brain - Research on Aging by Paul Aisen, MD (in 59 min)


4.      Healthy Aging of the Brain to Mild Cognitive Impairment by Howard Rosen, MD, Joel Kramer, PsyD,  and Virginia Sturm, PhD (in 88 min)


5.      Healthy Brain Aging by Dan Mungas (in 59 min)


6.      The Science of Healthy Aging: Living Better, Not Just Longer by Ellen Hughes, MD, PhD (in 83 min)


7.      Longevity and Aging in Humans by Thomas Rando and Anne Brunet (in 110 min)


8.      Aging and Rejuvenation: Chemistry and Biochemistry at Work by Steven G. Clarke (in 59 min)


9.      Older but wiser: the science of healthy ageing - 21st century medicine 2012 (in 70 min)


10. Dean's Lecture Series 2011 - Happy and healthy ageing: paradox or possibility? (in 108 min)


11. Exploring the Crossroads of Attention and Memory in the Aging Brain: Views from the Inside  89 min


12. Emotion and Aging: Exploding the Misery Myth  88 min


13. Brain Mind and Behavior: Emotions and Health  84 min


14. Advancing Integrative Psychological Research on Adaptive and Healthy Aging - Session 1 (in 164 min)


15. Advancing Integrative Psychological Research on Adaptive and Healthy Aging - Session 2 (in 134 min)


16. Advancing Integrative Psychological Research on Adaptive and Healthy Aging - Session 3 (in 126 min)


17.  Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Healthy Aging (in 59 min)


18. The Science of Ageing, by Professor Linda Partridge (full lecture)  (in 48 min)


19. The Inconstant Brain - Research on Aging (in 57 min)


20. The Aging but Resilient Brain: Keeping Neurons Happy (in 75 min)


21. Alzheimer's Disease: Overview and Current Research


22. Alzheimers Disease Update


23. Primary Care Behavior Management in Alzheimers Disease


24. The Paradox of Alzheimer's Caregiving - Research on Aging  46 min


25. Approaches to Care Giving


26. Cognitive Aging & Alzheimer's Disease: Gender Matters  60 min


27. Meeting the Challenge of Alzheimer's Disease  59 min


28.  Alzheimer's Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia by Gil Rabinovici, Adam Boxer, and William W. Seeley, (in 88 min)


29.  Biology of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias by Aimee Kao and Keith Vossel (in 90 min)


30. What is Dementia - Presented by Dr. David B. Reuben  72 min


31. Preventing Dementia: Facts and Fiction


32.  Preventing Dementia: Facts and Fiction by Doctors Adam Gazzaley, Brianne Bettcher and Ron Finley (in 88 min)


33. Dementia Case Presentations


34. Aging, Memory and Dementia - Research on Aging (in 57 min)


35.  The Prevention and the Treatment of Obesity by John Morton and Thomas Robinson (in 110 min)


36.  How Your Brain Can Turn Anxiety into Calmness by Martin L. Rossman, MD, (in 88 min)


37.  The Diagnosis and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder by Dr. Donald Hilty (in 59 min)


38. Your Agenda: Modern Woman Woes  53 min



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