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    All Sufficient CHRIST


Christ is The WORD of GOD

Through HIM, GOD made all things,

Not one thing in all creation was made without HIM,

The WORD was the source of life and light in all creation;

‘My Father has given me all authority

In heaven and on earth’

Christ is all-sufficient, forever,

If Christ is your all in all

You need nothing more!


Christ is The Messiah, the WORD made flesh

The holy righteous SON of GOD incarnated;

Our Substitutionary Sacrifice to appease Divine wrath

The Redeemer who died for our sins!

Those who acknowledge their need for Salvation

Through our LORD JESUS CHRIST is given

HIS Blessed Assurance of Reconciliation.


CHRIST, our resurrected LORD, has conquered sin and death

‘I have authority over death and the world of the dead’;

As our righteous, holy, just judge

Christ alone can give us the crown of life

Eternal life in heaven with the TRIUNE GOD.


Walk with CHRIST, obey HIS commandment:

‘Love one another just as I love you’

HE is the light of the world and you

Who follow HIM will have the light of life

And never walk in darkness.

Rejoice therefore in following

Our all-sufficient GOD,

With GOD in you dwelling,

HE becomes your strength, your sanctification;

Your joy, your hope, your life,

In CHRIST, you have everything.


                      Shirley Lau


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