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    American Revolution---June 17, 1775 to Oct 19, 1781


The American Revolutionary war 1   217 min


The American Revolutionary war 2  176 min


How Britain lost America  144 min


Revolution - American History in HD Documentary  47 min


PBS The War that Made America Part 1 58 min


PBS The War that Made America Part 2  58 min


PBS The War That Made America Part 3  58 min


PBS The War That Made America Part 4  57 min



American Revolution - The Conflict Ignites (Ep1)  49 min


American Revolution- 1776 (Ep2)  50 min


American Revolution - Washington & Arnold (Ep3)  50 min


American Revolution - The World At War (Ep4)  46 min


American Revolution - England's Last Chance (Ep5)  43 min


American Revolution - Birth Of The Republic (Ep6)  52 min


American Revolution - Biography_George Washington-Founding Father (Ep7)  46 min


American Revolution - Biography_Benjamin Franklin-Citizen of the World (Ep8)  48 min


American Revolution - Biography_Paul Revere-The Midnight Rider (Ep9)  45 min


American Revolution - Biography_Benedict Arnold-Triumph and Treason (Ep10)  45 min



Founding Mothers: Women of the American Revolution  57 min



The Revolution Part01--Boston Bloody Boston  45 min


The Revolution Part02--Rebelling To Revolution  45 min


The Revolution Part03-Declaring Independence  45 min


The Revolution Part04--American Crisis  45 min


The Revolution Part05--Path To World War  45 min


The Revolution Part06--Forging An Army  45 min


The Revolution Part07--Treason & Betrayal  46 min


The Revolution Part08--The War Heads South  45 min


The Revolution Part09--Hornet's Nest  45 min


The Revolution Part10--The End Game  44 min


The Revolution Part11--Becoming A Nation  45 min


The Revolution Part12--Road To The Presidency  45 min


The Revolution Part13--A President and His Revolution  45 min



The War of 1812 Canadian View  63 min


The Forgotten War of 1812  152min



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