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    Ask for GOD’s GRACE


 Ask for His grace of more Faith

 To know HIM, love HIM, trust HIM more;

 Ask for the grace of Understanding

 The HOLY SPIRIT to illuminate the meaning

 Of HIS HOLY WORD to you;

 Our LORD GOD wants to draw closer to you

 ‘Whoever seeks ME, with all his heart, will find ME’

 Respond to HIS Royal Invitation.

 HE knocks, just open your heart to receive

 HIS kind and loving attention.


Ask for the grace to experience HIS LOVE

For comfort when feeling hurt;

Ask for HIS counsel and guidance

When troubled; heed our Lord’s comforting assurance,

‘Nothing can separate you from MY LOVE;’

And acknowledge our Heavenly Father’s acceptance

Through JESUS, of us as HIS children.


Open your heart to receive

The wondrous riches of the glory of the LORD;

The JOY of the LORD is my strength,

The PEACE that surpasses all understanding,

The SPIRIT of power, love, sound mind;

GOD is our trustworthy companion

In all life’s tribulations.


O come to the throne of GRACE,GOD’s MERCY SEAT

None can face the throne of ABSOLUTE JUSTICE

All are sinners and YAHWEH detests Sin;

None can stand the Divine wrath of Almighty GOD,

So come through JESUS CHRIST, who died for our sins,

The throne of GRACE is a place of propitiation for our sins;


And receive COMPASSION from the LAMB of GOD

Who takes away the sins of the world;

It is only before the throne of GRACE that Almighty YAWEH

Looks benignly upon each person

Seeing him covered with the precious blood



              Shirley Lau


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