Be Calm, My Soul
Be calm, my soul, whatever circumstances betide,
Know that our LORD GOD is at your side;
JESUS CHRIST is your faithful companion,
In the furnace of affliction; 
Your Almighty Savior goes before you,
HIS radiant LIGHT will guide your way!
Under the wings of HIS great love,
Be strong and courageous;
Look upon HIS countenance,
The power of the Resurrected LORD,
Will be your sustenance!
Our LORD GOD will have sovereign sway,
Whatever the circumstance!
‘You are engraved in the palm of MY hands,
Do not be afraid, I AM with you always!’
Therefore be calm, my soul,
The Eternal GOD watches over you!
Lay your burden at the foot of HIS CROSS,
Then go free and worship HIM!
HE will never forsake you,
HE will remember your transgressions no more!
BY HIS stripes you are healed!
Forgive those who sin against you!
Be calm, though tempests flail without,
YOUR LOVING SAVIOUR encompasses you!
With power of endurance, perseverance,
Our Lord will lift up your spirit!