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     Be Calm, My Soul


    Be calm, my soul, whatever circumstances betide

    Know that the LORD GOD is at your side;

    JESUS CHRIST is your faithful companion

    In the furnace of affliction;

    Your Almighty Savior goes before you

    HIS DIVINE PRESENCE and HOLY SPIRIT will guide you.


    Under the wings of HIS great love,

    Be strong and courageous;

    Focus on JESUS,look upon HIS countenance,

    The power of the Resurrected LORD

    Will be your encouragement and sustenance.

    All you need to hear

    Is HIS constant whisper:

    ‘Do not be afraid,I AM with you always,

    You are precious to me, MY HOLY BLOOD is your ransom

    I will remember your transgressions no more.'


    Be calm, my soul

    The Eternal GOD watches over you,

    Cast your burden upon HIM,

    Remembering HIS promise never to forsake you.   

    Be calm,though tempests flail,

    YOUR LOVING SAVIOR's power will prevail

    Strenghthened, your spirit will rise on eagle's wings,

    And your soul will praise ALMIGHTY GOD and sing. 


                   Shirley Lau


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