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Be Gentle and Humble


The LORD says: Learn of ME: “I’m gentle and humble”

O LORD, today’s world has a different rumble,

Self-boasting and assertiveness are qualities

So vastly different from those virtues;

Humility, a moral strength, is now deemed a weakness,

Gentleness is replaced by aggressiveness.


Why then do we pine for true happiness?

Why are our souls troubled?

When it is not GOD who changed but the living

Wisdom is moral discernment, not self craving!


No more is gentleness extolled

As a quality of considerate kindness,

A loving tenderness

In fostering good relationships;

Today, it is mostly self interest that rules 

And gentleness is an antiquated virtue.


Strutting around, vaunting one’s prowess

Displaying one’s beauty like a peacock;

Where is the quiet sweet charm, elegant grace, temperance?

The alluring qualities of yester-years?

Are they all but mostly gone

And are we the happier for that?


                    Shirley Lau


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