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 Be My Witness


Will you be my witness

To all the miracles Iíve done?

The blind see, the lame walk,

Demons are cast out, the dead raised;

Will you be my witness

And declare the victory

Over sin and death that I have won?

Will you accept me as your Saviour?

Take up your cross and follow Me

Thereís a race for the crown of life 

Yet to be run.


Will you be my witness

To the sufferings and persecution

I painfully bore to redeem your sins?

My sacrifice on the cross

Frees you from eternal damnation.


Will you be my witness

To my unconditional love,

Will you respond with loving gratitude?

Will you adopt a forgiving and loving attitude

And, like my child, be the gentle dove?


Will you be my witness that

I have loved all mankind?

None who comes to me is turned away,

And I have saved those both near and far-away.


Will you remember me as your loving, caring shepherd

Remembering that I care for my weak, unruly herd?

Will you witness that

I am the fountain of LIVING WATER?

Testifying that anyone who repents and sins no more

Will be blessed with joy forever?


                 Shirley Lau

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