Be Not Afraid
Be not afraid to live,
GOD is with you, in you, for you!
In the world, there is tribulation,  
But Almighty GOD has overcome the world!
JESUS, on the cross of Calvary
Has conquered sin and death!
Believe in the promises of our LORD;
He is true perfection, being Son of God, Son of Man,
In moral and spiritual character, in loving compassion,
One with HIS Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit!
Be not afraid to die!
At the end of that dim tunnel,
Shines the powerful beam of LIGHT,
Illuminated by a silver CROSS!
Enveloping the darkness,
Embracing, in a warm caress,
Of JOY, Peace, Love,
Your soul, O Christian! 
Your CHRIST personally awaits
To receive you,
Into HIS FATHERís mansion,
To life eternal in heaven!
So, while on earth, live joyously,
Praise and worship HIM!
The Creator GOD of the universe
And mankind!
The Great Sustainer of life itself,
Great providence!
Praise and worship the Resurrected CHRIST,
Our Holy, High Priest in Heaven,
And Righteous Judge of the living and dead!
O Christian, appreciate the great worthiness and power 
Of JESUS, Your LORD and Saviour!
Then, where is the fear,
Knowing HE is forever near,
When we are called to face Almighty GOD!