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  Bearing Fruit


Bearing the fruit of the HOLY Spirit

Is not the same as bearing the harvest of success;

Success is the result of personal effort

Manís diligent endeavour and is material and finite.

Bearing fruit is the process

Of Spiritual growth, the inner working of GOD within our soul.

Bearing fruit is infinite.


Love, Peace, Joy and Hope----

The divine fruits of Infinite Grace

These fruits are conceived in vulnerability

Our submission to the commandments and will of a wonderful


A great SAVIOUR who taught us to love GOD and neighbour.


Love is sharing the woundedness of another

And offering the comfort of loving empathy and support

In time of need;

It is to be present when someone needs us,

An understanding of our commom human weaknesses

And vulnerability.


Joy is different from temporal happiness

All desire happiness, nobody wants sorrow

Yet, the greatest JOY comes from deepest sorrow!

Our Saviour, Jesus CHRIST, died on the cross at Calvary

TO free us from sin and death

HIS RESSURECTION POWER ensures reconciliation

With our heavenly Father and eternal life.

True JOY is everlasting. 


If we never experience sorrow

How could we ever experience the meaning of true love

Or loyal friendship?

If we never experience joy

How could we have the loving sensitivity of the heart

To respond to others who need us?

It is not fame or success that bears real fruit.

The real fruit of the SPIRIT is in giving of self

Without compensating reward or reputation;

This spiritual fruit of JOY is born of forgiveness

And self- sacrifice.


 True PEACE is a fruit that grows on the soil of FAITH

 It is not a temporal truce between enmity;

 It is independent of circumstances.

 Peace comes from laying oneís problems

 At the foot of the CROSS in faith;

 Trusting in the DIVINE WILL

 Of our Righteous and Loving GOD;

 Accepting that in HIS WISDOM

 HE will work all things for the good

 Of those who love HIM.

 This is the fruit of a PEACE that surpasses

 All understanding.


HOPE is trusting in the INFINTE GOODNESS of GOD


That HE, who would lay down HIS LIFE for us

Would give us enough light each day

And guide each step in living wisely;

That HE who numbers each hair on our head

Would protect us under HIS wings


Would give us HIS GRACE to persevere

And run and complete the race

Towards everlasting life.


                             Shirley Lau

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