Bearing Fruit
It is that gentle touch on the shoulder,
A quiet word of comfort,
That gives a sense of empathy,
And alleviates distress!
When wronged, it is the spirit of forgiveness,
Emanating from a warm loving heart,
A kind response, that opens the channel
For reconciliation and peace!
A unity made possible with loving-kindness. 
It is when one considers others before self,
Show an innate desire to care, without compensation,
Only motivated by selfless devotion, 
That gives joy to others!
Bearing fruit is only possible with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT;
It is giving with one hand, with the other, not knowing; 
It is living with joy, despite the dreary circumstance,
It is loving and trusting in that soft, gentle
Voice of GOD, Who tells us how much HE loves and cares for us! 
Bearing fruit is not the success of personal active labor we vaunt to boast,
That caters only to vain-glory,
Not GODíS Glory!
Bearing fruit comes from dying to self!
It is a gift of GOD and praises GOD!
When a grain of seed falls to the ground, it dies
And bears fruit, not for self
But for others!