Bless the Crippled, Lord 
We have eyes that do not see
Eyes grown blind with self-delusion of pride,
We have ears that are deaf to all, but ‘me!’
Ears sadly attuned to songs of flattery, abide; 
We have hearts emptied of loving kindness,
Crippled by obsession with material riches!
We cling to the false creed of self-laudation,
Oblivious to the loving call of the LORD of SALVATION! 
To earthly possessions, we willfully cling,
Things of no value or substance beyond
A temporary pleasure, a passing fling!
Seduced by the glitter of the tinsel light,
Flickering visions of beauty and delight,
Empty shadows that tempt and fly
But leave an empty ache, a bitter cry!
Open our eyes to the truth, Lord,
It will make us see, 
By setting us free!
Teach us the intrinsic values to uphold.
The wisdom of the Word of God to unfold!
Fill our hearts with the courage to persevere,
The grace to overcome temptation, the strength to endure; 
The faith, courage and blessings we need,
To follow you, our precious Lord and Saviour!