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Books by J R Miller

1.      A Life of Character

2.      Bethlehem to Olivet

3.      Christian Character

4.      Christlike Living in a Sinful World

5.      Counsel and Help

6.      Daily Bible Readings in the Life of Christ

7.      Devotional Hours with the Bible

8.      Evening Thoughts

9.      Family Prayers

10.  Finding the Way

11.  Glimpses Through Life's Windows

12.  Help for the Day

13.  Home-making

14.  In Green Pastures (choice excerpts)

15.  In His Steps

16.  Intimate Letters on Personal Problems

17.  Life's Byways and Waysides

18.  Living Victoriously

19.  Living Without Worry

20.  Making the Most of Life

21.  Miller's Year Book

22.  Our New Edens

23.  Paul's Message for Today

24.  Practical Lessons from the Story of Joseph

25.  Practical Religion

26.  Silent Times

27.  Strength and Beauty

28.  The Beauty of Every Day

29.  The Beauty of Self-control

30.  The Best Things in Life

31.  The Book of Comfort

32.  The Building of Character

33.  The Devotional Life of the Sunday School Teacher

34.  The Every Day of Life

35.  The Friendships of Jesus

36.  The Garden of the Heart

37.  The Glory of the Commonplace

38.  The Golden Gate of Prayer

39.  The Hidden Life

40.  The Joy of Service

41.  The Lesson of Love

42.  The Life of Jesus

43.  The Master's Blesseds (The Beatitudes)

44.  The Message of Paul's Life

45.  The Ministry of Comfort

46.  The Secret of Gladness

47.  The Shining Life

48.  The Upper Currents

49.  The Wider Life

50.  Things That Endure!

51.  Things to Live For

52.  Unto the Hills!

53.  Weekday Religion

54.  When the Song Begins

55.  Young People's Problems

"If any 19th century American Christian writer warrants reprinting, it is J. R. Miller! His writing style is delightfully smooth, his insights are spiritual diamonds on every page, and his pastoral applications are delivered with the skill of a well-seasoned physician of souls." (Pastor Bill Shishko)

"His books are restful and soothing, full of quiet but fresh inspiration and cheery optimism. They have comforted and encouraged countless thousands of readers."

One friend paid this tribute to J. R. Miller: "We all loved him. His gentleness made him great. His winsomeness had no weakness in it. Somehow everybody felt drawn to him. He seemed so closely in touch with the best in heart and life. He was as gentle as a child, yet firm as a rock. He was lovable and helpful; always true, always tender."

"I doubt if there is a living minister in all the world who has done a greater work, or who is more internationally known, than Dr. Miller. In the ecclesiastical life, he is the marvel of the age. He has done the work of ten men. While other ministers were attending banquets or sitting by their firesides his tireless feet have been tramping the streets of the city calling upon the sick, and like Paul carrying the gospel into many homes. Of all the great ministers of the past, not one has wielded greater influence for good. The whole city should be thankful for the noble life of this wonderful man!" 


The secret of Miller's life was summarized in five words that he loved to repeat again and again, "Jesus and I are friends!" This was the deepest passion of his life to know and love Jesus Christ. All he did and all he wrote, came from his vital relationship with his Friend.


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