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  Books I would recommend to read


Sayings of Mother Teresa

 1.  The Joy in Loving, compiled by Jaya Chalika and Edward Le Joly.

  1. A Simple Path, compiled by Lucinda Vardey.
  2. A Life for God, compiled by LaVonne Neff

 4. One Heart Full of Love, edited by Jose Luis Gonzalez-Balado


Books by Henri J M Nouwen

  1. Bread for the Journey
  2. God’s Beloved—-Adam Arnett
  3. Sabbatical Journey---The Diary of his Final Year
  4. The Return of the Prodigal Son


Book by Albert Joseph Mary Shamon

 1. Our Lady says: Love People


Book by John Bunyan

 1. Pilgrim's Progress in Modern English

    (This Classic as Revised and Updated by L. Edward Hazelbaker is the clearest and easiest to read and understand.)


Books by J. I Packer

 1.Knowing God

 2.Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God


Book by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

 1.     Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

 2. Life in Christ---Studies in 1 John

 3. God the Father, God the Son

 4. God the Holy Spirit

 5. Spiritual Depression---Its Causes and Cure

  6. Out of the Depths---Restoring Fellowship with God

  7. The Assurance of our Salvation


Books by Lee Strobel

 1.The case for Christ

 2.The case for Faith

   3. The Case for a Creator

 4.God's Outrageous Claims


Books by Max Lucado

  1. In the Eye of the Storm
  2. A Love Worth Giving
  3. A Gentle Thunder
  4. No Wonder They Call Him The Saviour


Books by Philip Yancey

  1. Where is God when It Hurts?
  2. Finding God in Unexpected Places
  3. The Jesus I never knew


Books by C S Lewis

  1. Mere Christianity
  2. The Problem of Pain
  3. A Grief Observed


Books by Ann Graham Lotz

  1. Just Give Me Jesus
  2. The Vision of His Glory


Book by St Francis de Sales

  1. Set your heart free, freely adapted into modern English by John Kirvan


Book by St Therese of Lisieux

  1. Story of a Soul


Book by Steve Carr

  1. Married and how to stay that way


Books by Charles Stanley

 1. Walking wisely

  1. Winning the war within
  2. The Blessing of Brokenness
  3. The Gift of Forgiveness


Books by Charles R Swindoll

  1. Joseph---A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness
  2. Paul---The Man of Grace and Grit


Book by Phillip Keller

  1. A Shepherd looks at Psalm 23



My Book

1. Project Management Secrets of the Caesars 

This is not a religious book but a project management book for people who have to handle projects. The book examines, from a practical viewpoint, the basic soft skills needed to complete a project in the shortest possible time and with best value for money spent, without sacrificing quality and safety. The book was written 15 years ago and is out of print. It can be downloaded for free in my web site on the Section "My Book".



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