Broken to bless others 
We are reluctant to bear
Trials and sufferings,
But they are testings
Which GOD permits,
To draw us closer to HIM! 
Unless we die to Self-will,
We will be unable to understand HIS HOLY WILL!
Driven by Self-love and Self-interest,
The basic nature of PRIDE and GREED in us,
We cannot truly love GOD or others;  
Something GOD desires we do!
CHRIST wants to open our eyes
To the pitfalls of going our own way;
HE wants to show us the WAY of TRUTH and LIFE,
Which leads to eternal joy with Almighty God!
Until a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies,
It cannot bear fruit! 
So until Manís character has been transformed by GOD,
Until he learns the truth, that 
GOD does not want sacrifices and burnt offerings,
But a clean and contrite heart,
He cannot bear moral and spiritual fruit!
God cannot use him to serve others! 
When GOD tests us beyond our ability to handle,
Then we realise our human frailty, 
Then we realise the limits of our strength!
Brokenness leads us to turn to CHRIST.
We learn to depend on HIS STRENGTH,
We depend on HIM for loving support;
CHRIST becomes PRE-EMINENT in our lives,
Our world revolves around HIM, no longer ourselves! 
Christ, who may be distant before, becomes our reality;
We begin to see HIS awesome power!
HE becomes our defender and shield,
HE becomes our personal Comforter;
HIS HOLY SPIRIT guides us into all truths,
HIS angels are sent to help and assist, 
GOD becomes REAL in our daily life! 
Like bread that is broken, LORD, 
Use our lives to help others!
Brokenness is essential for growing in spiritual maturity;
Our selfish hard heart has to be softened,
To empathise and feel for others; 
It has to be moistened with tears,
It has to be nurtured with faith and hope,
It has to be disciplined with pruning
By a loving Father!
It has to be trained with power of endurance,
Our heart has to be cleansed by CHRISTís redeeming blood,
It has altogether to be fortified with stronger faith! 
Broken to accommodate THE HOLY SPIRIT,
Our heart has to become HIS sacred sanctuary,
The temple of the LIVING GOD! 
Remember, when we share in the sufferings of CHRIST,
We also share in HIS GLORY!