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Like melted gold,

Like bits of broken clay

The Lord, the master-potter, can mould

And shape our lives according to His will,

After His divine character to fulfil.


To sculpt, refine, polish,

Our human weaknesses, like dross, to remove

Until Christ in our souls shine through;

It is only when broken, that purity

Can be realised, the soul strengthened;

Made fit to serve God.


When the marble is skillfully chipped

Into unique form, its beauty is revealed;

God, the master potter, breaks and chips each piece of softened clay

Into unique creations, breathing into each design

A unique personality and talent

To suit His purpose for individual lives.


It is in the expression of this individuality

That man serves God best.

The Lord created us to be the instruments of HIS LOVE

To live in loving harmony with all mankind.


                   Shirley Lau


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