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Build your faith wisely


Build your dwelling place wisely

When the fierce wind blows

The storm lashes vehemently

The floods come, the house built on rock will stand.

Likewise, build your faith strongly.


Christianity is built on a personal relationship

With our GOD and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST

Developing faith and trust in HIS PERSON,

His HOLY, Righteous and Compassionate character;

Our soul then becomes HIS spiritual dwelling place,

Our Lord becomes our ROCK and FORTRESS.


Faith is believing in the gift of Salvation

Through CHRIST’s Redemption;

It is a faith founded on trusting that the inner working of

The HOLY Spirit of JESUS in our soul,

Will help us withstand the onslaughts of trials and temptations.


When darkness threatens and storm blasts prevail,

Such deep faith in the LOVING PROVIDENCE of GOD

And the PROMISE of CHRIST to be our steadfast anchor will avail.

CHRIST”S RESURRECTION POWER will work through us

To overcome and defeat evil;

We are more than conquerors through CHRIST who loves us.


There is no darkness, GOD’s LIGHT cannot penetrate

There is no evil, GOD’s omnipotent power cannot subdue;

Almighty GOD has sovereignty over all –

In heaven, on earth and in hell;

Every knee will bow, every tongue confess



Listen to our Saviour: ‘Be not afraid,

I’m with you always, right to the end of the ages.’

What more wonderful words of promise do we need?

Let us believe that a loving GOD who is willing

To lay down HIS life for a worthless sinner

Can be trusted to keep faithfully HIS PROMISE of succour

And grace.


                        Shirley Lau


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