Call His Heavenly Father “Daddy’  
Our Lord and Redeemer
Exhorts us to call His Heavenly Father ‘Daddy’!
For HE says, Almighty GOD
Is His Father and our Father!
GOD is in Him
AS HE is in us!
And as He dwells in us,
We are united with HIM in GOD!
Faith in Christ’s redemption
Brings salvation,
His Heavenly Father accepts us
As His adopted children;
GOD sees Christ in us,
So we can call GOD “Daddy”! 
Let us go now to our Heavenly Father with joy,
Exulting in our close relationship;
Yet, humbly kneeling, in adoration,
Worshipping with reverence HIS HOLINESS,
His Power, HIS Wisdom, His Righteousness, 
Forever mingled with everlasting compassion,
HIS unconditional love!