Celebrate Jesus 
Lord, you are the Light of the world
That shines through its darkness,
Illuminating the truth, the way, the life!
Lord, You are the enduring Hope
Of an insecure, competitive world, torn by strife!
Futile is the search for meaning, amongst its noisy distractions,,
Amassing transient, material goods that create stress and frustration!
Lord, You are the powerful infusion of Joy
In happy moments and in adversity!
Our only sustaining love, strength and power,
When our own effort has little merit!
Only You can calm our agitation and uplift the spirit,
Of all who place their trust in You! 
Lord, You enable a loving intimacy,
Loving fruitfulness and enduring joy,
Amongst all who love and worship You!
Lord, You foster a community of love,
And, just as You are in a loving unity
With God, your Heavenly Father,
So are we in You, our God and Saviour!