As you may know, Charlie Munger is one of the main partners of Warren Buffett. He is also a great investor and philosopher.

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1) Charlie Munger writings and speeches

WESCO FINANCIAL CORPORATION Official Website Charlie Munger's Letters To Wesco Shareholders from 1997 to 2009 are available for free. ;-)

OUTSTANDING INVESTOR DIGEST, I would recommend buying a subscription if only for the special feature packet of ten previous articles that comes with it. One feature is Munger's mid-90s speech at USC (also available here: tip #1, tip #2: see this book).

"The Great Financial Scandal of 2003" by Charles T. Munger [Many thanks toRoughlyRight]

Wesco 1989 Letter


2) Charlie Munger Audio Interview

CHARLIE MUNGER ON THE PSYCHOLOGY OF HUMAN MISJUDGEMENT. (Audio 80 minutes. Windows Media Player required) Audio here (registration required / big file 37 Mo!) and  (the transcript of this speech has been udpated and is available especially in this book).


3) Wesco Shareholder Meeting Notes (More links can be found in the related BRKNEWS archives) 

Wesco Annual Meeting 2011 Full notes by Marce2001, Marketemperor andRoughlyRight [Alas this was the last meeting ! ;( ] Bonus: Munger's parody

Wesco Annual Meeting 2010 Full notes by Ben Claremon

Wesco Annual Meeting 2009 Full notes by "delocalized" 

Wesco Annual Meeting 2008 Full notes by Peter Boodell

Wesco Annual Meeting 2007 Full notes by Whitney Tilson

Wesco Annual Meeting 2006 Full notes by Whitney Tilson and Notes by Mungerian

Wesco Annual Meeting 2005 Full notes by Whitney Tilson and Notes by Eric Hartman (thanks to Bart), teabone , hartmanbirge and SteveY (free registration required).

Wesco Annual Meeting 2004 Full notes by Whitney Tilson

Wesco Annual Meeting 2003 Full notes by Whitney Tilson and Notes byRoughlyRight

Wesco Annual Meeting 2002 "The Best of Charlie Munger" by Whitney Tilson (full notes available here) and Notes by gdefelice (here), WuLong (here) and RoughlyRight

Wesco Annual Meeting 2001 (see the end of this document for more great links).

Wesco Annual Meeting 2000 ; ;

Wesco Annual Meeting 1999 there.

Wesco Annual Meeting 1998 Recap Number 1 and Number 2. Other post.

Other Years :

OID subscribers have access to the following years online : 1986, 1987, 1988, 1996, 1998 and 2000

(Note: OID usually gives the transcript of the last WESCO meeting in its December issue)


4) The best Unofficial websites

THE BLOG and WEBSITE of SANJAY BAKSHI: Many thanks to Professor Sanjay Bakshi, who lives in India, for teaching and sharing Charlie Munger's Mental Models. I highly recommend you to visit his Blog : "Fundoo Professor" and his website : ;-)

WHITNEY TILSON'S WEBSITE : "Speeches and Writings by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger" Many thanks to Whitney Tilson for his great contributions to the BRK Community over the years. See his website for more informations:

MIGUEL BARBOSA 'S WEBSITE : "Simoleon Sense" : Huge amount of recent academic Mental Models.



5) Other good links

Charlie Munger quotes about SEC chief

Some Pdf Files can be found here :

Munger links

"Charlie Munger: Warren's Right-Hand Man" (04/29/1999)

Wesco TMF board

Charlie Munger and Physics

Small links:

Munger, Tolles & Olson, the Los Angeles law firm

A little quote

Finally, did you know that Charlie Munger also recommends Value Line services ? - (OID December 29, 1997)

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