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China---Unit 731 Japan's Biological Force and Nanking Massacre in China


Unit 731: Japan's biological force  45 min


Unit 731 - Nightmare in Manchuria (History Channel)  41 min


ZDF documentary on Unit 731  50 min


Rape of Nanking Part I Atrocities in Asia Nanjing Massacre  Aug 13, 1937 34min


Rape of Nanking 2: Japanese Torture Beheading Rape Burning 40min


南京大屠杀 Nanking Massacre (Full Edition)  90 min


Iris Chang - Nanking Massacre by Japanese in World War II 103min


Japan & Asia's Stolen Treasures: Hirohito, WWII & Japanese Atrocities  18 min


Battle Of China: Second Sino-Japanese War, Bloody Saturday, Nanking Massacre, Battle of Changsha  Aug 13,1937  65 min


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