Chinas Great Humiliations The Opium Wars and Wanton Destruction of Yuanmingyuan in 1860 by British and French Troops


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  Two Great Historical Tragedies

The above summary doesn't even begin to provide an adequate catalog of the extent of Chinese invention, of the sum of China's discoveries and contributions to the modern world. But unfortunately, much of China's total sum of knowledge and history of invention is lost to the world forever.

A large part of the recorded knowledge of China's history of inventions, processes and machines was destroyed in one of the greatest acts of cultural genocide in the history of the world.

This was the looting and burning (August 1860) of the Yuanmingyuan by the British, the French, and the Jewish families like the Sassoons who were responsible for the opium atrocities in China. This wanton destruction was retaliation for the Chinese resistance to the Sassoon's opium distribution.

But in terms of the destruction of a literary recording of culture there was an even greater crime against the history of Chinese knowledge - the destruction by the British of the library at Hanlin Academy.

There is no dispute that the British carried out and destroyed the most valuable artifact there - the 22,000-volume encylopedia, the Yung Lo Ta Tien. That encyclopedia, with its 22,000 volumes, written by more than 2,000 scholars over many years, contained much of the total of 5,000 years of Chinese knowledge, invention and thought.

The British carried all those books outdoors, poured fuel on them, and burnt the entire collection to ashes. God only knows what was lost.

At first, the British tried to blame the Chinese, but then admitted they themselves burned it "for safety's sake and not for spite". So, in true neocon fashion, the British claimed they 'destroyed it in order to preserve it'.

Only about 40 volumes survived the incineration, and those reside today in the British Library - who have no intention of returning them to China.


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