Christianity is not mere ethics,
It is being in a personal relationship with 
Our LORD and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST, 
The Second person of the HOLY TRINITY.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit in unity. 
It is seeking salvation by GODĒs GRACE,
Through CHRISTĒs ATONEMENT for our sins
By His substitutionary death on the CROSS of Calvary;
His loving self-sacrifice
That could only suffice,
To bring us reconciliation 
With ALMIGHTY GOD, HIS Heavenly Father.
Through baptism, the Holy Spirit,
In-dwells the heart of the Christian,
The Spirit of Truth testifies to Christ as the Son of Almighty God,
Illuminates THE HOLY WORD,
Inspires all disciples to walk
In HIS way, the truth, the life,
The narrow gate-way to eternal life! 
The HOLY SPIRIT undertakes to enlighten, guide, comfort and console
Empower, strengthen, encourage
Strenghten in faith,
And in times of trials and tribulation,
Becoming more than conqueror
Through CHRIST WHO loves us!
O Christians, who bear Christís name,
The Holy Spirit of GOD in our heart within,
Will quicken us, making us conscious,
Of His presence within!
The Omnipotent Refiner will transform us to become more Christ-like,
By breathing on us HIS breath of life
Revealing HIMSELF to us
By admonitions, promptings, inspiration,
Also prayers of intercession,
To enable us to live life more abundantly!
Pentecost Day bore the first fruit,
O Christians, let the Holy Spirit produce
A greater, bigger harvest now and in future!
Let the Pentecostal Spirit prevail in all churches forever;
Let GODís HOLY SPIRIT operate within HIS BODY,
Let all Christians be HIS witnesses forever!