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      Claim CHRIST as our SAVIOUR  


We are Christian officially,

Having gone through the rites of baptism and confirmation,

But have we personally claimed a relationship with CHRIST?

Have we initiated a  personal conversation of friendship?

Have we told HIM: Iím happy and proud, JESUS, that you are my GOD!

Rather, have we kept Him, with respect, at a distance?

Also, have we consulted and trusted  HIM with all our cares?

Have we asked HIM for counsel or enquired about HIS will for us?

 In other words, do we regard HIM as GOD and  personal friend!


Do we  see ourselves as weak and sinful

And declare that we are grateful for our salvation

By HIS atonement for our sins?

Do we acknowledge HIS omnipotent power as a HOLY, RIGHTEOUS GOD

And  obey HIS commandments?

Do we really love HIM for HIMSELF,

And welcome HIM into our heart,

Adore, worship, and trust HIM

Are we comfortable with HIS closeness?

Can we walk with HIM, talk to HIM,

Knowing that HE will work all things for our good?


CHRIST will draw close to us

When we draw close to HIM!

To experience His comfort, HIS loving kindness

We must give HIM access to

 Our soul, heart and mind,

We must communicate with HIM

Through praise, prayer and worship!

Be warm and open in our relationship with JESUS

As we do our intimate friends!


Ask for HIS grace

HIS strength of steadfast faith

HIS enduring power of loving forgiveness

HIS illumination of Christian values through the BIBLE

Ask CHRIST to be your personal  Saviour and companion through life,

Ask HIM for the grace of obedience to HIS commandments

Ask HIM to convict you of sin when you go wrong and help in your repentance

Ask HIM for wisdom and the power of moral and spiritual discernment

Ask HIM to strengthen and uplift you and your loved ones in times of trial and temptation

Ask  HIM for courage and perseverance in times of  tribulation

Ask HIM for the fulfilment of all HIS BIBLICAL PROMISES in your life.


When we love CHRIST with devotion, we begin to understand



HOW life itself and every intelligence, ability, talent we possess

IS derived from HIM

We begin to realise how much we depend on HIM

That, in ourselves, we are NOTHING.


That we owe HIM everything

That we are limited, weak and vulnerable

That our LORD GOD is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent

Therefore, let us look up to HIM, praise and worship HIS ALMIGHTY POWER



Let us stand at the foot of the HOLY CROSS with awe and gratitude

The symbol of the GREATEST LOVE, given freely


For undeserving mankind!


                                              Shirley Lau


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