In the gloaming darkness of the world,
Come Lord Jesus, Come!
Shine your LIGHT of WISDOM,
Upon this unscrupulous ego-driven ambitious world,
Where wrong seems right and 
Mammon tugs at our heart-strings;
Where the heart becomes imperceptibly hardened,
With all the giddiness of power, wealth, success,
And unwittingly lends itself to works of iniquity!
Where worldly sophistication hides the utter depth of depravity!
In such pervasive darkness of the human soul,
Come, LORD JESUS, come! 
Come to save us from such deplorable madness!
For without you, O LORD, without your gift of moral Wisdom,
Without your spiritual LIGHT and the Truth of Your Holy Spirit
Guiding us in your loving Compassion,
All will flounder and perish!
Come, LORD JESUS, come
For the light is dying, the night is crying,
Have mercy LORD JESUS, come!