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Come Holy Spirit,Come!


Come Holy Spirit,come

Come like the mighty gusty wind,

Heavenís powerful breath, O come;

Spread far and wide the message of Salvation

Godís loving plan for Reconciliation,

Through His beloved SON, CHRISTís Redemption.


Come,Holy Spirit, come;

Come like cleansing flame

To purge our iniquities;

Purifying our soul;

Come to invigorate your church with zeal for the LORD

So that it can bear fruit,

The branches of the VINE

Need your vital energising sap to manifest its good work.


Come Holy Spirit, come,

Come like inspiring tongues of fire

To illuminate your Scriptural truth,

So all can understand  GODís way to Grace and Peace;

So all can rejoice in loving GOD and neighbour,

Come Holy Spirit come speedily,

All on earth have need of Thee.


                      Shirley Lau


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