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Compassionate Love


It is compassion that fosters community

It is a loving, forgiving spirit

That encourages a kinship amongst fellow men;

Yet in the world, the emphasis is on self-interest

The hard-headed, cold-hearted determination

To gain individual satisfaction.


Compassion emphasises sameness

All share common strengths and weaknesses;

Then we can empathise with the sorrows

And share the joys of others;

We can enjoy a sense of kinship,

We become a community.


Yet, the world emphasises difference

Difference sets us apart emotionally;

We become the centre of our own world

An opaque screen comes between us and others

Things that touch our radar are seen

Through sensitive, distrustful, myopic eyes.


See the wisdom of ALMIGHTY GOD


As one of us, a human being but without sin,

To be the Good Shepherd,

Who loves and cares for HIS flock.

Christ is perfect self-giving LOVE, our guide to

The path of truth and light

The forgiving way to reconciliation and heaven.


Christ could have come as a conquering monarch

All creation, its power and wealth belong to Him

HE is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent GOD;

Yet GOD chose to come humbly, He chose to be Immanuel GOD-with-us,

Someone who desires to share our human frailties

To understand, to empathise, to love us

And like a true friend, to lay down HIS life for us

To die for our sins, to enable reconciliation

Through HIS compassion, HE makes possible our salvation.


Christís way is the way of LOVE and forgiveness

The way of truth and light

His way is one of compassion;

HE will expect this compassion from HIS children,

HE will ask, not what good works have we done on earth but

How much have we loved and forgiven our fellow men;

For how can we expect the righteous Godís loving compassion

When we, ourselves, are biased, judgemental and uncompassionate. 


                       Shirley Lau


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