Compassionate Love
It is compassion that fosters community,
It is a loving, forgiving spirit
That encourages a kinship amongst fellow men;
Yet in the world, the emphasis is on self-interest!
The hard-headed, cold-hearted determination,
To gain individual satisfaction!
Compassion emphasises same-ness
All share common human strengths and weaknesses;
Then we can empathise with another‘s suffering,
And in his happiness sharing;
We can enjoy a sense of kinship,
And become a community!
Yet, the world emphasises importance of status
Social disparity alienates us
We become ego-centric individual  
An unconscious barrier comes between us 
Things that touch our radar are seen
Through critical, biased, myopic eyes!
We have lost the sense of closeness!
Christ’s Way is the way of LOVE and forgiveness,
The way of truth and light,
His Way is one of Compassion;
HE will expect this compassion from HIS children,
HE will ask, not what achievements we attained on earth, 
But how much have we loved and forgiven our fellow men;
For when we forgive, we are forgiven! 
When we bless our neighbours
We receive blessings in return!