Conversations of a Lifetime about End of Life


Generally, we are reluctant to talk about the end of life matters. Many totally ignore them. There are a million reasons to avoid having the conversation. But it’s critically important that we do.


Currently, there is a paradigm shift in the discussion about the end of life issue in US in the last few years. The Conversation Project Organization, has the audacious goal of wanting to change the US culture so that everyone wishes for end of life care are both expressed and respected.


To get us started in the discussion, The Conversation Project in their Starter Kit asks us to consider the following facts:


1) 90% of people say that talking with their loved ones about end-of-life care is important.

     27% have actually done so.

Source: The Conversation Project National Survey (2013)

2) 60% of people say that making sure their family is not burdened by tough decisions is extremely important.

    56% have not communicated their end-of life wishes.

Source: Survey of Californians by the California HealthCare Foundation (2012)

3) 80% of people say that if seriously ill, they would want to talk to their doctor about wishes for medical treatment toward the end of their life.

     7% report having had this conversation with their doctor.

Source: Survey of Californians by the California HealthCare Foundation (2012)

4) 82% of people say it’s important to put their wishes in writing.

    23% have actually done it.


Source: Survey of Californians by the California HealthCare Foundation (2012)



I would strongly recommend, if you do not have the time, to at least see the first two video below. I find the videos very moving and educational.




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