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   Count Our Blessings


Letís count our blessings one by one

Thank the LORD for all He has done,

HE has given us life , health, family, joy

A habitable, beautiful earth to enjoy;

To each a unique personality and talent to employ.

Let us praise HIM for HIS loving kindness,

HIS loving forgiveness;

Alleluia LORD, YOU are Almighty GODĒs BELOVED SON

Dying for our sins, you gave us redemption,

As our SAVIOUR, you make possible our salvation.

Loving GOD, You chose compassion

Not condemnation, even though as wilful sinners

We have no justification.


Thank YOU, LORD for all our blessings

Help us to appreciate YOUR goodness,

Thank YOU too for showing us the way to eternal life

And walking us through as companion and guide;

Help us to emulate your humility,

With morally discerning eyes, help us yearn for eternity

And not be bogged in the mire of immorality

Knowing that we are like grass that withers

Flower petal that fades and disappears;

Help us not to be deluded by the ego craving for greatness

But look to YOU, LORD for eternal happiness.


                         Shirley Lau


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