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Visualise a picture of a billion galaxies

A trillion planets,

In outer space, on their axis, rotating

Around their suns revolving, without colliding;

All in ordered cosmic motion,

Rational synchronization;

All calibrated and fine-tuned to function

In harmonious accord,

Earth, a part of this super-intelligent Creatorís

Design of universal concord.


An earthly-living habitat specifying

Light and darkness, heat and cold,

Seasonal changes affording;

Land and water demarcating, supporting

An abundance of life on earth teeming;

Animals on land, fish in the sea, birds in the air,

Can we ever find a more awesome and loving Creator?

Letís give praise and gratitude to Almighty God,

Our Heavenly Father and benefactor.


Feel the love of Almighty God in creating man

Each with a different look, a unique personality,

Each child, a genetic masterpiece of individuality,

Each, with different attributes and talent

Each, a child of God, making a difference to humanity.

A wondrous diverse creation, free to love and serve God

And to love and serve his fellowmen

In the way he knows best;        

By God, each child is loved and blessed.


                     Shirley Lau

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