Visualise a picture of a billion galaxies, 
A trillion planets! 
In outer space, on their axis, rotating,
Around their suns revolving, without colliding, 
All in ordered cosmic motion!
Rational synchronization,
All calibrated and fine-tuned to function, 
In harmonious accord!
Earth is a part of this super-intelligent Creatorís
Design of universal concord!
An earthly-living habitat, specifying 
Light and darkness, heat and cold,
Seasonal changes affording!
Land and water demarcating, supporting
An abundance of life on earth teeming!
Animals on land, fish in the sea, birds in the air,
Can we ever find a more awesome and loving Creator?
Letís give praise and gratitude to Almighty God, 
Our Heavenly Father and benefactor!
Feel the love of Almighty God in creating man,
Each with a different look, a unique personality,
Each child, a genetic masterpiece of individuality!
Each, with different attributes and talent,
Each, a child of God, making a difference to humanity!
A wondrous diverse creation, free to love and serve God,
And to love and serve his fellowmen,
In the way he knows best;         
By God, each child is loved and blessed!