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        Daniel Kahneman Nobel Laureate


1.              Daniel Kahneman Fathoms The Human Mind  30min


2.              There Are No Shortcuts in Investing: Nobel Laureate William Sharpe  95min


3.              Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory (in 20 min)


4.              Explorations of the Mind: Well-Being  59min


5.              @Google Presents: Daniel Kahneman  62min


6.              Daniel Kahneman on The Machinery of the Mind  47min


7.   Daniel Kahneman on Thinking, Fast and Slow 25min


8.              Daniel Kahneman - June 2012 - Full Length version  43min


9.              Daniel Kahneman-Thinking That We Know  47min


10. Learning from Mistakes on the Way to Tomorrow - Professor Daniel Kahneman 12min


11. Daniel Kahneman - "Cognitive Limitations and the Psychology of Science"  46min


12.  Explorations of the Mind: Intuition  56min


  13. Inside the Psychologist's Studio with Daniel Kahneman 45min


   14.  Professor Daniel Kahneman speaking at SPUDM 2011, at Kingston University  57min


15.  Conversations with History: Daniel Kahneman  53min


16.  Professor Daniel Kahneman - How We Make Decisions - interview - Goldstein on Gelt - Jan. 2011  17min


17.      History and Rationality Lecture Series - Daniel Kahneman   93min


18.      Daniel Kahneman - Two Systems of the Mind  30min


19.      Fireside Chat: Professor Daniel Kahneman - Zeitgeist Europe 2010   27min


20.      Thinking Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman in conversation with Richard Layard  80min


21.      In Conversation with Daniel Kahneman  63min


    22. TIME 10 Questions, : 10 Questions for Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman  6min


   23. My Recipe for a Better Tomorrow - Professor Daniel Kahneman  16min


      24. Prof. Daniel Kahneman - The Seymour Fox Memorial Lecture  89min



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