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    Do you know JESUS?


O Christian, do you know about our LORD JESUS

or do you know JESUS?

Do you love HIM or do you love being loved by HIM;

Do you yield to HIS WAY or do you want HIM your desires to fulfil?

Is JESUS the captain of your soul or your own will?


Would you willingly obey HIS commandments

or have you a selective memory about them?

Are you willing to suffer with HIM

So you can be resurrected with HIM?

Are you willing for GOD to transform your character

To be more like JESUS?

Are you fretful over your sinfulness

And grateful for CHRISTís forgiveness

Do you yearn to be humble and gentle like HIM

Forgive readily and love selflessly?

O Christian, do you appreciate your loving, righteous, holy GOD?


Is JESUS your spiritual centre? Is HE your all in all?

Do you believe JESUS is your sovereign LORD?

Do you walk with HIM and talk to HIM ?

Do you invite HIM to be a close companion to you?

Then you can enjoy strength and peace in the storms,

And rejoice in experiencing HIS love and HIS powerful support;

Open your heart to this precious relationship with our LORD GOD,

And receive an eternal, sustaining love from our great and wonderful GOD.


                      Shirley Lau


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