Do you really love ME?
Our LORD GOD asks, not only Peter but all Christians as well: 
Do you really love ME? 
Can you declare you love ME,
But still crave for worldly trophies of
Wealth, power, status, reputation, honour,
Knowing fully well that you cannot serve both Mammon and ME! 
Do you really love ME, yet devote more of your time
To pursuing worldly pleasure and material advancement!
Will you spend time with ME in solitude,
Learning to listen to MY gentle, soft voice
As you walk with and talk to ME?
Loving someone is an intimate, emotional response,
Why are you so distant with ME?
Loving is an intense desire to be close,
What keeps you apart? 
I will lay down MY life to save you from perdition,
Will you deny ME in times of tribulation?
Do you really love ME? 
Will you reciprocate MY friendship?
Your GOD is ever patient,
He continues to knock at the door of your heart;
When you unlock your door
You will be amazed at the abundant riches
Of loving graces that flow from the LORD!
Love, comfort and strength for each day,
And the joy of knowing that The Almighty Father,
WHO gave us HIS only begotten Son to die for our sins. 
Will work out everything towards the good of those who love HIM!