Dying into LIFE 
Natureís cycle is one of living and dying,
From death there is re-birth!
Look at the seed buried in winter,  re-emerging
As a new plant in Spring!
Look into the cocoon of a disintegrating caterpillar,
And watch the triumphant emergence of a beautiful butterfly!
Man is but mortal clay and life a transient journey,
Like a pilgrim, we will pass this way only once
Let us live it wisely, loving GOD and neighbour;
The Christianís true abode is in heaven,
We are only waiting, in the wings, for ultimate unity
Dying to selfishness and sin
Through baptism, we become part of the church
The body of Christ!
Sharing in the Holy Eucharist,
Is the beginning of a new birth!
To be born again is a spiritual renewal,
An in-depth experience of the Resurrected CHRIST living in our soul!
As we humbly submit to the will of GOD,
HE abides and increases,
While our self-will decreases!
It is then no longer we who live,
But GOD who lives in us!
It is an Almighty loving GOD who promises
That even when sky and earth are destroyed, 
HIS HOLY WORD will remain!
And through HIS CHRIST
We will be resurrected, 
Heaven will forever be our eternal domain!