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Faith of a mustard seed


A hundred-years-old Abraham had faith in what God promised

Though his wife, Sarah at ninety, was infertile

Yet he continued to believe that with God

Nothing is impossible,

He would be the father of many nations

A promise that was fulfilled. 


Noah constructed the Ark at Godís bidding

Years of mockery failed to daunt him;

Years of fair-weather made work, that was painstaking,

A monument of ridicule and absurdity.

But when God unleashed the storm in fury

And turned the world into a watery grave,

His faith in God ensured his familyís survival

Together with every specie of bird and animal.

Glorious was the day, when a dove he sent out, returned

Holding a fresh leaf between its beak;

The inundated world had been drained

And land restored, his faith founded.


Moses, years in wilderness, hiding

From the Egyptians,

Received Godís calling

To deliver the Jews from Egyptís Pharaoh;

In faith, he set about returning;

Pursued by a mighty army in their flight

God had mercy on them in their plight;

Moses stretched out his arm in faith,

The RED SEA parted, they could flee to the other side

Their persecutors had to face the crushing tide.


Faith it was that saved Daniel in the hungry lionís den,

Also, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego who did not perish

In the fiery furnace which killed the men who threw them in.


It was deep faith that enabled David, the shepherd boy

With his sling and pebble to defeat the giant Goliath,

Who had held the Israelite army in terror;

But David had faith that his God was an invincible conqueror.


Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, to-morrow

We have a loving, forgiving and caring God;

A powerful God who is our joy, strength and refuge

But it takes faith on our part, even a mustard seed would do,

To call on His Promises,  

Believing they will all come true;

It takes faith, love, obedience, and adoration for God

And loving-kindness towards our fellow men,

To bring into fruition

    Godís miraculous working power in our lives.


                      Shirley Lau


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