Finding GOD 
In a world of harried distractions,
Continuous toil and endless frustrations,
Do we hear the small, gentle voice saying,
ďBe still, I am God?Ē 
Letís find time to keep a moment of quietude,
To hear Him speak, to walk with Him in solitude!
Itís not in what we do to achieve,
Itís in what we believe!
That brings us closer to Jesus and salvation; 
As He says: ďYou can do nothing apart from Me!í
Focusing on His Word and prayer is the motivation,
To forge a spiritual encounter,
A loving relationship with God,
Living within our heart!
Has the hectic bustle and incessant din,
Made us deaf to the in-dwelling Holy Spiritís prompting? 
Made us fail in recognising, in communicating,
With Jesus, our Saviour, so loving;
God, within us, of our true worth re-assuring,
That we are His precious, beloved children 
The truth that sets us free to be our unique selves! 
Then, we learn, that by obeying His will,
We are transformed into a Christ-likeness,
To live in the world but not be of the world!
And with Godís living presence, in our hearts,
We can let His light shine through! 
And bear the fruit, His Holy Spirit produces,
Of His love to all mankind.