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Follow Our Great Shepherd


Do not go our own way

We may go astray;

Follow our great Shepherd

HE will lead us via the narrow way,

To His green pastures,

Beside the still waters;

Where HIS sheep graze.


There we can gaze upon HIS FACE

Hear HIS sweet, gentle voice speak,

Words so comforting in life’s troubled, hectic pace;

As we lie beside the tranquil water,

Let HIM be our guide and teacher.


Let HIM instill in us a reverential fear of Almighty GOD,

So we will faithfully keep HIS commandments;

Let HIM give us the manna of HIS compassionate wisdom:

Love GOD with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself;

As we bask in fellowship with our HOLY GOD,

Let us immerse in HIS fountain of LIVING WATER,

Which sustains and strengthens our soul, forever.



Keep close to our Great Shepherd

His rod and staff will fend off ravenous wolves;

Our Loving Shepherd will free us

From the briars and thorns of life;

HIS PEACE will surround us

In all circumstances; trust CHRIST JESUS,


Our SAVIOUR and omnipotent GOD.


                      Shirley Lau


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