When there is suffering and pain,
Go to JESUS!
Then life becomes bearable again;
In the ministry of healing!
In HIS wisdom, HE has allowed trials to test us,
For suffering leads to perseverance,
Perseverance leads to patient endurance;
GOD moulds character through the process of brokenness,
Enabling us to be spiritually ‘born again!’
A wondrous beginning, as HOPE surges in our heart,
Making our lives fruitful for others!
A testimony to GOD’S Eternal Presence, 
Working HIS will in our lives!
Only JESUS can satisfy our deepest yearning for joy!
JESUS, being PERFECT LOVE, can cast out all fear!
GOD promises to be always near,
JESUS dwells within the inner sanctuary of our heart,
ETERNAL LIFE starts now and here,
It is the active presence of GOD in our lives!
Let us journey, therefore, through life with prudence,
Let us ask the indwelling Holy Spirit to guide us,
And keep sinful abominations at bay!
Also safeguard us from the pitfalls of temptation along the way!
Only JESUS can save our soul from peril!
GO quickly to THE LORD, go to JESUS!
Do not allow any hardening of heart be an impediment,
To gaining the crown of eternal life!
Clearly see that earthly life is
But a drop of water in the ocean,
While Eternity is endless, forever!
And finite, mortal man must ultimately meet his
Infinite, Immortal GOD, HOLY GOD!
Death merely releases our spirit to go to JESUS!