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Who can compare with thee, Almighty God?

None, for You alone can create heaven and earth

In all its magnificence, diversity and abundance

You alone can ride the wind, fly with the stars

And make the waves dance

You alone can race

Beyond time and space.


Our past, present and future to you ,in a flash, reveal

Angels hasten to do your will

You are everywhere at the same moment

For You are omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent.


Who can play your role, Almighty God?

None, for You alone can create man in your image

You alone can endow him with a heart to love,

Away from the mundane, a spirit to soar above.


You, Alone, can grant man’s soul eternity

Through our Resurrected Christ, your Beloved Son;

And through faith in HIM to find a home

When our journey’s done.


                   Shirley Lau  

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