Godís Creative Splendour
There was an aura of wonder and enchantment,
The splendour of the sunset to behold;
Across the sky, broad bands of turquoise, yellow, gold,
The most astounding sight of the Creatorís Imagination bold! 
Blend with the cool, misty air and perfumed aroma,
Of pale-bluish-purple lavender and peachy-pink roses, trailing the hedge!
Magic was in the air. Its unique beauty wrought
Wonder and excitement! 
I gazed and gazed,
Did I hear the soft melody of a harp?
Or was it the sound of a light wind whistling 
Through the tall trees?
Swaying ever so gently, 
  the myriad snow-white Arum lilies!
In a little distance, the blue Swan River meanders by,
Hastening towards the elegant glass and stainless-steel 
Jauntily, it teases its way with sparkling-blue waters,
Setting a spectacular view from the wooded Kingís Park, of
The creative harmony of awesome nature and manís achievements!