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Godís Grandeur

[On the beauty of the South Island of NEW ZEALAND during a visit]


Behold the lofty snow-capped mountains,

Upon shimmering, translucent

Turquoise lakes.

A spectacular panorama

Of unparalleled beauty;

Can 1 visualize Godís grandeur

And not be moved?


Hear the music of the waters,

Sapphire, emerald, mid-night blue

Pale ólime, deep turquoise

Flowing, blending, harmonizing,

Into a symphony of colours

Can I feel its charm

And not be enthralled?


The blue sky and green hills beckon

Wild shrubs of golden Broom

Cascade down hill slopes, filling valleys,

Bewitching Lupins in a riot of pink and purple

Add to the picturesque landscape.

Can I experience such breathtaking loveliness

And not be spellbound?


The chilly, howling wind at night,

The furious waves pounding the shore,

Dashing against rocks,

Flinging far and wide its salty spray,

Striking fear in its turmoil,

Can 1 visualize such power

And not feel awe?


To behold nature in serene beauty

To witness its seething power,

Is to experience the awesome mystery

Of our Almighty God;

Great Creator, nurturing our souls

In contemplation of the wondrous beauty

Of His creation.


          Shirley Lau  

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