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God of the Mountain and Valley


Christ is not only the GOD of the mountain

Where the air is fresh and invigorating

Where the light is bright and scintillating;

HE is also the GOD of the valley

With darkness prevailing,

With storms terrifying,

A place of hardship and tribulation.


In the valley, our Lord is needed more than ever

For only our Messiah can bid the wind be still,

He can calm the tempest, if it is His will;

HE can uplift all who are trapped in its pit and mire;

All who are weighed down by stress, temptations, despair,

Can find loving comfort and healing in our Lord and Saviour.


Turn our eyes upon His loving countenance,

Feel the warmth of His understanding and compassion,

When we begin to see things from His perspective

The mist clears,

Confusion disappears;

We overcome through Christ who strengthens us

Our spirit is lifted, confidence is restored;

Victory is possible, always praise the Lord.



Christ, our Saviour, became man

To show us the way to achieve life eternal,

A perfect model of love

Thatís selfless and unconditional;

An exemplar of courage and humility,

Encouraging us to grow closer to GOD in proximity  

By an awareness of needs that are spiritual

Beyond the mundane and material;

To enable us to live more meaningfully

To live our lives more fruitfully.


                         Shirley Lau


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