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OUR LORD GOD, YOU are our REFUGE and STRENGTH forever,

On earth, YOU have walked with man at his best

Empowered by YOUR nobility and strength;

You have also experienced the horrendous abuse,

The bestiality,the greed,the violence

The corruption of soul of man, at his worst.


O LORD GOD,it is too marvellous for words to describe

The depth of YOUR understanding and compassion,

That YOU forgive and still continue to love him

YOUR MERCY goes on generation after generation;

Without YOUR COMPASSION,LORD, man will not have salvation.


O LORD JESUS,let YOUR Compassion bring

GRACE to  strengthen, COMFORT to gladden

HOLY SPIRIT to purify, HOLINESS to love

Eternal Refuge under YOUR ALMIGHTY wings;

YOU are the SAME  yesterday ,today, tomorrow

O Resurrected LORD , let YOUR MERCY follow;

Enable a loving heart-change in man today

Man needs YOU today, more than yesterday.


Unless we strive for a heart change,

How can we rise beyond our myopic concerns

To kindness,gentleness,holiness?

O LORD GOD, strengthen us daily

Guide us in all our actions;

Enable us to look away from petty self-interest,

Build in us a character of integrity;

Help us to endure patiently,

Teach us loving compassion for others,

Most of all, sustain our effort

To revere and love GOD with all our heart

And love our fellow-men as ourselves,

Treating others as we would they treat us.


                       Shirley  Lau


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