That lull between our hectic bustle of life
Is not Peace!
That quiet tranquil moment spent alone on an isolated mountain
Is not peace!
Godly Peace is a blessed calmness that prevails in time of adversity!
GOD can give us HIS peace in a perilous storm,
A peace that surpasses human understanding,
A peace the world cannot give.
Peace, joy and harmony surround those to whom CHRIST is the LIVING LORD in their life!
Peace is not absence of conflict, 
It is a state of mind and heart,
Which is at peace with GOD!   
It is a gift of our LORD!  
When battered by storms,
And in its midst, GODLY PEACE
Calms our frightened heart!
There is Peace
In a heart that is anchored on Faith in Christ, our Messiah!
When JESUS CHRIST becomes our refuge
And shield,
Be reminded of what CHRIST said: 
I am the true vine,
You are my branch;
CHRIST is the foundation of our life  
When we abide in HIM!
We receive true sustenance from HIM;
We are enabled to lean on HIS power, depend on HIS strength and
HIS everlasting love and faithfulness!
As HIS branch and child, we are privileged
To shelter under the protective care,
Of our Sovereign LORD GOD and SAVIOUR!