Godís Compassionate Concern for Man 
Our Righteous, Holy Saviour can truly discern 
Our human frailties;
The fitful struggle with human selfishness
The contention with pride and aggressiveness,
Yet HE responds with compassionate concern!
He sees clearly the futility of human desires,
Our vulnerability to temptation, self deception, self-interest!
Yet there is no condemnation of the sinner,
Only a call for repentance of the sin! 
We can still be saved, be a winner, 
Through our faith and trust in HIM!
He can, with sensitivity, feel
The wavering moods,
The inconstant faith,
The conflicting emotions,
The wanton needs and passions;
Yet, our LORD never turns away in disgust! 
Instead HIS loving hand is extended in helping 
All who believe and trust! 
Healing is poured out lovingly
From HIS fountain of Living Water,
Patience, loving concern and mercy
HE showed towards our fickleness,
Almighty GOD treats us with immense kindness!
O JESUS, we cry to be saved and we are saved!  
We ask to be healed and we are healed!
We pray for forgiveness and we are forgiven! 
We appeal for guidance and we are lead, by your Holy Word,
In the true way to eternal life!
LORD, you are our LIGHT,
In a world fraught with pain and sufferings!
LORD you are our Wisdom 
In a materialistic, corrupt world! 
You LORD alone, deserve our reverence and praise,
Let us Your anthem forever raise!