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 Godís Power of Love



  Whoever has love in his heart

  Has God within him;

  Godís quest for the heart of man

  Has existed from the beginning,

  Godís loving quest will continue un-ending.


  The loving hound of heaven will

  Ceaselessly pursue humanity

  Until each soul is accounted for;

  Until His blessings of love and peace reach each heart

  And man realises he must do his part,

  To love God and his neighbour.


 His love found Moses in the wilderness

 Moses in flight,

 Was enabled by Godís might

 To part the Red Sea and deliver the Israelite

 From their plight.


 His love found David, the Shepherd boy

 And empowered him to defeat Goliath, who terrified his people,

 With a sling and pebble.

 His love saved Daniel in the lionís den

 And then,

 Miraculously delivered Shadrach, Meshach,

 Abed-Nego from the whiteĖhot furnace,

 They were sent.


 His love for humanity found expression

 In the incarnation

 Of Christ, our Lord and Saviour;

 His love healed the sick, the lame, the deaf,

 The blind, the dumb, the demon-possessed, the leper,

 He raised from the dead: Jairusí daughter, the widowís son at Nain

 Also, Lazarus, four dayís later. 


 In His love, our Holy Lord died for our sins

 To God, a self-sacrifice,

 That could only suffice

 To redeem mankind.


 In His love, Christ sent His Holy Spirit

 As helper, counsellor, comforter;

 To know and love Him and enable us

 To become the children of our Heavenly Father.


 Shirley Lau


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