GODís presence in need 
Every sigh, every cry, every tear,
Is a prayer to our Almighty GOD!
It reaches the compassionate heart of CHRIST!
More vocal than words, 
It draws a loving, forgiving response from our MOST HIGH GOD!
Donít forget, O Christian, 
Indwells our heart!
Our kind Counsellor does HIS part
To guide us, to comfort us, to strengthen us,
To point out GODís will for us;
To assure us that CHRIST is in charge, in totality,
And HE will lead us to safety!
So in the crucible of affliction, 
When we turn to HIM in prayer,
Be conscious that we are not alone,
In our despair, CHRIST is there!
See and feel HIS presence, 
GOD in us is GOD for us!
Our caring GOD will reach out
To vindicate, to alleviate,
The pain of HIS hurting children!